Shadow day brings in middle school students

Mei Corricello, Editor-in-Chief

On Jan. 17, 50 eighth grade students participated in Lynbrook’s annual Shadow Day. The event was organized by Assistant Principal Eric Wong and led by Link Crew students to give prospective students a taste of Lynbrook before the coming school year. Throughout the day, shadowing students accompanied their guides through classes, breaks and activities.

¨I think [Shadow Day] is a great opportunity for students to get a flavor of Lynbrook,” Wong said. “Students like having the freedom to go to any class they want. I think the most valuable part is being able to see Lynbrook students in action.”

Four years ago, FUHSD administrators decided to implement the Lynbrook Supplemental School Assignment Program (LSSAP) in an effort to address Lynbrook’s declining enrollment. The initiative grants all students from Miller Middle School and McAuliffe Middle School and 16 Hyde Middle School students to enroll at Lynbrook through an application process.

To help parents make an informed decision with their child, Wong and Principal Maria Jackson hosted an information session in the auditorium on Jan. 15. The meeting included a slideshow presentation about Lynbrook, featured current Lynbrook student speakers and dedicated time for questions from the audience. 

Lynbrook has hosted Shadow Day since 2017, offering prospective students the opportunity to see what Lynbrook has to offer and help them make the choice between attending Lynbrook and the school they are currently zoned for.

“I make a point when I’m talking about incoming freshmen to remember to include these students coming from other middle schools,” Wong said. “Instead of saying ‘Miller middle-schoolers,’ I try to say ‘students from a few different middle schools.’” 

Before arriving, prospective students filled out a survey expressing what they were interested in learning about. Based on that information, organizers sort students with common interests into groups of three, which were each led by two Link Crew Leaders. For example, a student who played soccer was paired with other student athletes.

“Not only do [the students] get to see the classrooms, but walking around during brunch and tutorial also allows them to experience Lynbrook culture before they make a decision,” said Link Crew Commissioner senior Amy Tse. 

After attending an introductory presentation where students received a preview of Lynbrook’s athletic, academic and performing arts programs, they began visiting classrooms and facilities to get a feel for the campus. Around 1 p.m., the students gathered in the auditorium for a debrief followed by a pizza lunch while ASB played music in the quad.  

“It’s great knowing where everything is already, and I’ll know recognize people already,” said Hyde student Elliot Bossetti. “The teachers were nice and funny, and it seems like a great environment.”

Many shadowing students found the day a success. They were excited to step foot on a high school campus and enjoyed experiencing the life of a Lynbrook student.

“I think I will have a better understanding about how the school works, and I will have the connections I formed today,” said Miller student Nithila Rajan.