How to have an enjoyable summer

Sadhana Sarma, Design Editor

Ironically, planning your summer vacation can ultimately become considerably stressful. You may feel pressure to be productive, but finding time to relax is equally important. Follow these tips and you will be able to make the most of your summer.  

  1. Make a summer bucket list

A summer bucket list will help you organize your ideas and plans before you get swept up in the chaos of summer vacation. Before you know it, it will be Aug. 13 and you will have spent the whole summer binge watching Netflix. Make your bucket list prior to summer vacation and use this as a guide to achieve all your goals. Be sure to place your prioritized activities (summer jobs, internships and classes) at the top of the list. Planning a timeline of when you want to undertake each activity will be especially helpful while deciding when to squeeze in all the other fun items, like a trip to the beach or a night out with your friends, on your bucket list.

  1. Reconnect

With a busy schedule during the school year, you may find yourself losing touch with old friends or giving up old hobbies. Use the summer to reconnect with these people and activities or you may find yourself regretting not having reconnected with them sooner. Doing so can be extremely satisfying, and give you something memorable to reflect on while reminiscing over the summer. If you’re feeling especially proactive, you can even relive an old hobby with an old friend — kill two birds with one stone! For example, grab a buddy and cook an extravagant meal together.  

  1. Become a Tourist in Your Own Town

Summer is the optimal time to travel. You can go on adventures to far-off lands, such as France or Italy. If you haven’t saved up enough money or don’t have the time for such an extravagant excursion, your own area is a great place to start. After living in one city for a long time, it is likely that you will lose interest in exploring it. Places such as local landmarks, art museums and farmer’s markets, as well as the town’s schedule of summer activities, may be both fun and rewarding to explore. The key is to think about what a tourist would do, and you will be well on your way to having a unique summer.

  1. Stay active

Find ways to stay active. The summer is a great time to not only work out, but to also find new activities to participate in. Always wanted to hike up a mountain? Do it. There are also great, long-term workout programs, such as P90X, that you can commit to during the summer. Maintain an open mindset when it comes to being active, because there are so many different ways you can approach the task. If you want to be active, but don’t have the motivation to do so by yourself, join a team or group. There are plenty of summer camps and fitness groups, like those at the YMCA, out there just waiting for you to join.  

  1. Relax

If you don’t enjoy or are sick of exercising, that’s completely fine. Use the summer to relax. Go ahead and ignore everything from the previous tip. Ultimately, what you do with your vacation is up to you, and relaxing is definitely important. Remember that relaxation can be both physical and mental. Go to places like the beach or even your couch — wherever you find the most peace— and have a nice, chill day. Remember it is called summer VACATION for a reason. Make time to relax amid rigorous work during the summer.