Minecraft makes a comeback

Ethan Lee, Writer

Walking up to a body of water, a player can expect to find dolphins, turtles or even water temples. These are just some of the many new features of Minecraft and is part of the reason why the game has made a comeback in the video game community. As veteran Minecraft players reappropriate time to play the game, they are overcome with nostalgia for their childhood years. 

“Minecraft was a game my childhood friends and I had in common,” said senior Andy Li. “When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t wait until the weekend to get on Minecraft and play with them.”

Another contributing factor to Minecraft’s recent surge in popularity is the creators’ decision to address player feedback. For example, more biomes were added to the game in order for players to have more places to explore. These changes bring a new sense of novelty to the game, which had become monotonous for many, restimulating players’ curiosity and excitement as they rediscover the redesigned world of Minecraft.

In addition, Minecraft helps to build and strengthen relationships between peers. The game allows for collaboration among players, such as building massive structures out of different materials and exploring the vast Minecraft universe, which includes jungles, deserts, mountains and plains. Exploring and building with a friend can be a lot more entertaining and enjoyable. These aspects of the video game allow students to bond with their friends and enjoy their time together. 

“I have made a lot of friends through Minecraft,” said senior Sahil Somani. “For example, whenever I needed something to talk about in elementary school, Minecraft was always a great conversation starter.”

Many students have also turned to Minecraft as a stress reliever, using it as a way to pass time or relax. Getting together with friends and playing a few hours of Minecraft diverts students’ minds from school-work, allowing them to destress and focus on the never-ending digital world waiting to be explored instead. 

“There’s not really any set rules [to Minecraft],” said senior Madeline Shao. “You can do whatever you want. You’re able to play in so many games and servers with a really friendly community.”

Minecraft not only challenges players creatively, but also fosters connections. With all the well received updates, the comeback of this classic game is not a surprise.