Lynbrook implements new changes for the next year


Arul Gnanasivam, Photo Editor

Changes and improvement to Lynbrook continue into the 2019-2020 school year as the homeroom schedule changes and new campus buildings open. Starting at the beginning of the year, homeroom will be moved from Fridays to Wednesdays, and students can enjoy the newly renovated quad and cafeteria.

As per the new changes, homeroom will take place Wednesdays after students’ fourth period class. Survey feedback showed that students wanted allocated time to study on Fridays, since it is a popular day for tests and quizzes. As a result, not only will homeroom be moved to Wednesdays, tutorial will take place every Friday in place of the current homeroom.

The new homeroom will be a closed study period with the same students as each student’s fifth period class. Homeroom’s purpose is still reducing stress but feedback showed that students’ preferred method of relieving stress is studying for that week’s tests. The decision to keep fifth period students together for homeroom was made by the teachers.

“We got feedback from teachers that they would really like [homeroom to] be with their current students because they thought it would be easier to build relationships that way,” said Principal Maria Jackson.

Administration hopes that this change will allow for staff to connect with the students on a more personal basis.

Next year’s schedule will also be constant throughout the year to avoid confusion among students and staff.  

“I got to second semester last year, and [the schedule] wasn’t consistent enough for me,” said Assistant Principal Eric Wong. “You’d get to a day and be like ‘Hm… is it homeroom? Is it tutorial? I’m confused.’”

Homeroom will be a closed study period for the whole year, except for a few occasions when administration or ASB will organize special activities for all students. In a survey taken during the spring semester of this year 45 percent of students advocated for student health and wellness to be the focus of homeroom.

When it came to these changes, decisions made in the teacher union at the district level and students’ feedback were considered, though many students are still hesitant to welcome said changes.

“I feel [the current] homeroom would be better because you get to meet more people,” said sophomore Pranav Rathore. “The whole purpose of homeroom is to meet new people and also socialize.”

Admin acknowledged that students will have different opinions on homeroom, and rather than trying to please everyone, have committed to finding a compromise that works best at maintaining the purpose of homeroom.

Next school year, students will also enjoy the cafeteria as well as most of the quad, although some space in front of the gym will still be closed off. Homecoming week events will return to the quad, with the backdrop hanging in front of the cafeteria.

“During homecoming, all that stuff you have to have behind the backdrop can now go inside the cafeteria,” Jackson said. “Students can do all their prep in there and then come out.”

Admin hopes that the new additions can improve campus life and allow access to better facilities. Administration is still committed to improving homeroom and listening to student feedback through next year to develop the program for future students. Although changes next year may be jarring at first, teachers and staff are dedicated to helping students ease into the changes and hope that they can be beneficial to everyone over time.