Last day senior shenanigans


Melissa Chen

As the school year draws to a close and seniors prepare to depart to college, friends are saying their farewells and making plans to keep in touch. Many are trying to spend as much time with each other as possible and to make their last days together special. They will take these new memories and those from the past with them as they leave.

1. Aishwarya Atmakuri, Tanvee Joshi, Astha Rai, Shruti Ranade. “We went on a picnic at Vasona Park,” said Shruti Ranade. “We were about to eat when ducks started swarming around us. I drove over to the next parking lot and we finally got to eat. Though nothing went as planned, it was nice to get together as a group and do something we all wanted. It was the unexpected turn of events that ended up making memories.”

2. Danielle Jung, Rhea Chowdhury. “As senior year dwindles down, my friends and I quickly realized that we have access to a car, no school work and a lot of time to spare,” said Rhea Chowdhury. “We have been going on short day trips to anywhere within our reach from Sausalito to Monterey. This picture is of my best friend and I at San Francisco! These last few days have really helped me reflect on my time in high school and create a lot of lasting memories with my best friends.”

3. Sakin Kirti, Arjun Kaushik, Aayush Shah, Hansen Lillemark. “We had to find the perfect spot for a prom proposal,” said Arjun Kaushik. “And where better than a hill? As graduation nears, we are at a point where everything is ‘the last.’ With the end of high school coming up quick I hope I can maintain the relationships I’ve made.”

4. Leslie Hwang, Selena Jeong. “This is a snapshot of my friends and I at the Garden of Eden for my 18th birthday,” said Leslie Hwang. “Whether it’s going through our bucket list or just taking spontaneous trips, I’m truly treasuring all the time I get to spend with the wonderful people around me!”

5. Rohan Goel, Amol Singh, Arnav Amruth, Aditi Raja, Nikita Rangwala. “This was in San Francisco over a random weekend during second semester,” said Amol Singh. “We felt relaxed and happy to have the free time to spend with each other.”

6. Kerry Wong, Alicia Wu. “We went to the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco,” said Alicia Wu. “Before we leave home, my friends and I are revisiting our favorite spots, exploring new destinations and forging everlasting memories to live these last days of high school to the fullest!”

7. Indali Bora, Selina Li, Robyn Lee, Emily Zhang. “My friends planned a birthday surprise for me.” said Selina Li. “Part of it was bringing me to brunch at Bill of Fare. I know after summer’s over I’m going to miss my friends so much, but we promised to video chat a couple times a month! I know that even if we don’t get to talk as often as we do now, we’ll still be there for each other.”