Senior Bequeathals 2019



I, Aayush Shah, bequeath dance facials to Jash, the ability to dance at the worst times to Eric and Andy, driveteam pride to Kunal, new hoodies to Shai, country singing to Elise and Aaron, and my senior shirt (and all the fiery class spirit it comes with) to JJ.

I, Abinaya Anbuchelvan, bequeath my senioritis to Felicia, my ability to turn pages to Alex, a fun time at Midwest to Chamber Orchestra, my French homework to Chinmay, better music taste to Kavish, concert tickets to Dhriti, my nonexistent license to Shriya, more mathematician videos to Shounak, yellow Vans to Anitez, and all the sleep I lost to Tanika.

I, Abinaya Srikant, bequeath the Mailchimp account to Rachana, Roleplay/Written glass to Eric, lots of sleep to Amory, Ontario hats to Helen and Anika, bug-free code to Aayushi, smiles and bad math jokes to Navya, and a couple inches of height, awfully designed reg portals, and all of my love and support to Baby Cindiesel.

I, Aditi Raja, bequeath my febreezed socks to Allison Li, mild Taco Bell sauce to Jessica Atmadja, my LOVE for softball to Olivia, sweatpants to Renee Mok, being Brooks’s BFF to Lydian Li, Savannah Smiles to Sarah Ho, my best friend #3 to Maya Abiram, snack money to Pranav Kadiyala, and TEA to Alaap Rag, and screams to Tim Zou.

I, Aditya Munshi, bequeath black clothing to Shriyanshu Kode, white clothing to Amay Tripathi, infinitely long handshakes to Arul Vishwanathan, predictions of the future to Ankit Saxena and Kento Nishi, and my love of space to Krithi Koodli.

I, Aditya Venkatesh, bequeath MY joke to Shubhra Dubey, a thousand “break a leg”s to Calista Kerba, Gina White and the drama fam, coffee and sleep to Anna Paaske, stats tutorials to Austin Wang, lots of Ws to Wesley Sun, and the best senior year ever to Shiv Sankhavaram.

I, Aishwarya Atmakuri, bequeath 3am presentations and pranks to Rachana, imaginary Backstreet Boys tickets to Cindy, endless Coffee Society runs and last minute plans to Amory, all my Ontario deca merch to Helen, my love of Cafe Lattea to Eric, my OR skillz to all the lovely OReos, my brownies to the incubator fam, entertaining science experiments to KAST kiddos, and the best four years to Anushree, class of 2023.

I, Alex Chang, bequeath hitting triples to Aaron Jew, cookie runs at Good Sam to Emily Mao, shix poles to Maximillion Toshinobu Smith Uchida, a love for any food to Fred Lee, and a better haircut to Eugene Jew.

I, Allison Lui, bequeath aggressive defense to my wopo gals, jiggly cheesecake adventures to Navya, edginess to Nyna (the rebellion lives on), radishes and fanny packs to Alyssa, squishier fingers to Aaron, the ability to bike without crashing to Elissa, and a wild senior year to the 2020 class officers.

I, Alvin Han, bequeath leggings for running in cold weather to the guys that actually show up to track, infinite wisdom to Justin Dong, and the skill of thinking before speaking to Shailesh Kumar Senthilkumar.

I, Amanda Wang, bequeath the mom-role of the tennis team to Pooja, a less stressful junior year to Flora and Arika, a fun-filled senior year to Nick, and my violin, albums, and whatever else she wants to Aleena.

I, Amanda White, bequeath soccer captaining to Mary, Julie, Shubhra, and Amy, a wonderful season and crazy pasta parties to Girl’s Soccer, fundraising success to Me to We (especially Nisha, Vivek, Catherine, and Priyanka), my kicking ability and endless support to Rei and Danielle, wild senior adventures to White Den, and an amazing last year (+my spanish skills) to Matthew.

I, Amrit Ranjan, bequeath endless laughs and love to Amy, Austin, and Ria, my frenzy for ASB Spirit to Aneesha, Ria, Ryan, and Justin, my love for IDC to Akhil, Kanav, and Stephen, my hypebeastiness to Brendan, Anna, and Ryan, my vertical to Aneesha, my annoyingness to Zainab, my car to Nivi, and everything else to my lil sister, Bhavya.

I, Amy Nishijima, bequeath Megan Yeh my taste buds so that she may overcome her gross Taco Bell addiction, Julia Michels my patience so that she can deal with Megan for another year, and Sahil Somani endless study dates without the study with all of your girlfriends.

I, Ananya Manjunath, bequeath the big table at Peet’s to Kleo and Ankitha, late night Silsilay rehearsals to Shubhra and Alaap, and my undying love for Kanye to Anku <3

I, Anav Chaudhry, bequeath all my “Pro Tips” and Sour Patch Watermelon to Shreedevi Rao, my advice, strawberries, and artistic talent to Sarah Cheah, iced out chains to Swethak Annamaneni, the flattest plateau’s to Mr.Pallone, Mario Kart skills to Mr.Nguyen, and memories of myself to everyone at Lynbrook.

I, Andrew Ng, bequeath another successful season to The Funky Monkeys, CAD skills and a tendency to over-design to Sam Pickholtz, JETS to Sunhoo Ahn, and the motivation to get work done to Kunal Sheth.

I, Andy Wang, bequeath my impeccable attendance record to everyone on the track team, height to Peter, better handoffs to Roy and Elyzjah, superior hairline to Derek, shamelessness to Robert Dai, long-distance talent to Cosmo and Vincent, therapy sessions to Charlie, nothing to Claire because she took the good genes already, and love to Jacky, Aref, Suvan, and everyone else.

I, Angela Zhao, bequeath deep sleep and cooking skills to opposite me, Selena Zhao, less stress and HEALTH to mini me, Nicole Ong, emo kid vibes to Sanjana Narayanan, loud cheers and boba runs to Amy Sun, bananas to Amy Chatterjee, and all the tea to Kelli Yee and Isabel Moh.

I, Anika Agharkar, bequeath my trusty shades to Joshua Davis. Stay cool, cucumber.

I, Anika Murthy, bequeath my appreciation for weird art creatures to Amanda Zhu, ability to rage to Ankitha & Kleo, undying love for design to Yash Godiwala, and biiiig shoes to fill to Akul Murthy.

I, Anne Pfister, bequeath my senioritis to Zainab Nasir and Claire Kim, my taste in music to Sahiti Go and a healthier sleeping pattern to Alex Chen, mes excellentes ompétences en français to Atharva, Shounak and Hali, and musicianship to the chamber orchestra at the Midwest conference.

I, Annie Gao, bequeath all my work shifts to Julia Lin, APUSH homework to Judy Wu, cupcakes to Rin Ha, and two more years of high school to my little brother Benjamin Gao.

I, Annie Niu, bequeath my saltiness to Bennett Wong for leaving the trumpet section, my ability to repeat everything and mad trumpet skills to Michelle Pugh, my high intellectual capabilities to Annie Zeng, and my vocabulary that only exists of the word litty to the trumpet section.

I, Anson Li, bequeath dongs to Justin, big boy to Vincent, happy boy to Jonathan, horrible sister to Lydian, Inked Out to Shane.

I, Anuroop Thomas, bequeath that the Lynbrook Football team finds success, and that the following classes at Lynbrook have a good time.

I, Anusha Fatehpuria, bequeath crazy family dinners to Snigdha, west coast vibes to Bhagya, jade green eyes to Nevin, spontaneous adventures to Michael, RONR and bylaws to Anna, all of my love to Lynbrook FBLA, failed physics labs to Maya, crazy comebacks to Rebecca, and cheeze-its to the tennis team.

I, Ariel Wang, bequeath the supreme trombone section to Boen Wang, optimism and hope for the future to Vincent Shen, and sketchiness to Jennifer Cai and Mira Gowaikar.

I, Arjun Kaushik, bequeath my tardiness to Sahil Somani, my height to Ryan Markert, my drumming skills to Jayson Lee, my lack of ability to keep time to Andrew Chen, my tuxedo looks to Ryan Kawamura, my acting ability to Stephen Tao, my love to Austin Chen, and my cluelessness to Aileen Mi.

I, Arul Gnanasivam, bequeath the position of Indian player of the team to Ananth, endless food to Diana, knowledge and patience to Enzo, and some more food to Ashley.

I, Arushi Gautam, bequeath my senioritis to Cynthia and Riddhi, hours of SD admin work to Cindy, Rachana, and Twisha, my tardies to Nisha, my SAT prep books to Anitez, my physics knowledge to Emily, my humor to Dhriti, Amudha, and Audrey, my math brain to Shannon, Madhavan and Hali, and my French skills to Robert, Christian, Shounak and Bernard.

I, Arya Ranadive, bequeath my surgical skills and scalpels to Anya Chatterjee and Madhavan Anbuchelvan, hospital french fries to Aileen Xue, and HEALing powers to Claire Tan.

I, Ashley Gong, bequeath the well being of the flute section to Hali Wu; the section fun times to Bebba Buang, Maya Belur, Katha Patel, Aarushi Mehrotra, Yixuan Liu, and everyone else; and whatever else to Bailey Gong.

I, Ashwin Pasupathy, bequeath Sports Analytics Club and all of Mr. Wright’s incorrect NBA opinions to William Chang and Vivek Iyer.

I, Atul Nair, bequeath my robotics knowledge to Jash Gada and Aayush B as they will need it very much the following years.

I, Austin Lei, bequeath Musicians Society to ASB, club membership to Musicians Society and Project Euler, 2020 BMT 1st place to Math Club, height to Huvid, memes to Dzheng, Chinese skill to Milan, Jonathan Huang to Phoebe Lin, and Phoebe Lin to Jonathan Huang.

I, Azra Ferhatovic, bequeath the softball field to Elina Kulakkattolikel, and Evan Liu, ceramic skills to Charlotte Kruk, math learning skills and my top and bottom being out to Micheaela Lee, and Kaitlyn Kim, my goofiness to Diego Arias, Ta’Shona Sapp, Jake Echanove, and Rei Trujillo, my headaches to Mackinnon Chen, and an interesting four years to my sister Melisa Ferhatovic class of 2023.


I, Ben Shapiro, bequeath bathroom breaks to Ankit, the B emoji to Raka, influencer fame to Akhil, parental love to Niranjan, objection skills to Andrew, Ria, Zoe, and Kanav, finger circles to Austin, pronunciation to Vijaya, gremlins to Amy, homecoming veteran medals to Anna, Michael, and Tim, stomach pains to Stephen, and 1% of Spain to Victor, Zaal, Atharva, and Nenington.

I, Brandon Qin, bequeath my tech abilities to Megan, Brendan, and Austin, Brandy and Friends to Andy, handshakes to Aneesha, nonexistent hoodies to Anna P, a successful year to FASBOs, passion for music to Mr. Lee, canned vegetables for MistaBale, and love for exploring, dancing, and chilling to Diana Xu.


I, Catherine Hwu, bequeath spam musubi to Lani, Emma, and Caroline; deer and coyote sightings to XC girls; screenprinting and corsage struggles to Iris, Zixin, and Charmaine; the cover art mess to Amanda; the “debits on the left, credits on the right” song to future DECA ACT girls; and the daily job of wearing the Fitbit to Victoria.

I, Charlie Huang, bequeath the power of national HUANGS to jonathan HUANG, william HUANG, and Stanley hWang, my Freiheitsgrade and Ehrengesellschaft to Milan Ganai, my nitric oxide concentrations to Chinmay Lalgudi and Kavish Trivedi, Science Club cringery to Flora HUANG and Jonathan HUANG, the position as chairman of star parties to the new astrophysics cringers, simple harmonic motion ; ) to Nathan Zhang, Jeff Liu, and Edward Lu, escape rooms to Austin Lei, the deletion of Brawl Stars to Alexander Zhang, and thermite to Mr. Leung.

I, Charlotte Zhang, bequeath my art children with rad art kid vibes and the will to experiment, next year’s amazing Japanese Club officers with fab nihongo power, Vivian with my top-notch derp skills, Quindi math squad with elevated brain power (which I don’t actually have), the kids I was TA for with confidence to do well in future biology-related endeavors, and of course to everyone my love and well wishes for all the years to come : )

I, Chloe Lee, bequeath my food adventures to Claire Chiu, gossip sessions and weird laughs to Kavya Iyer, my makeup knowledge to Nicole Ong, a sister spectacular senior year to Belinda Zhou, and 9 pm accidental sleeping times on the ground and two more years of high school without me to my little shorter sister, Elysa.

I, Christina Cui, bequeath the responsibility for the prosperous future of Interact to Emma Nguyen, Kyle Yu, and Helen Hu, to whom I have granted my trust to not destroy our club.

I, Christine Lee, bequeath my crazy late night preparations to the 2019-20 Japanese Club officers, whatever is left of my hopes to the Cooking Arts Club, my wishes for an overdue upgrade for the Vertigo Literary Magazine to just become a course already, and a happy, less sleep-deprived high school life for my little brother Jeffrey Lee.

I, Cynthia Chang, bequeath a box of berry cheerios to Matthew Lu, an easy app season and a burrito to Sunny Guan, my little brother to Cosmo Cao, rainbows to the crossing guard, good campers at WCEO to William Chang and Sharlene Chen, sulfur hexafluoride to Olivia Tomm, and 32452369786 gua baos and an Asian 7-Eleven to Eric Wang.


I, Daniel Huang, bequeath my shooting stroke to Alex Huang and Arthur Zhou, prep books to Fred and Daphne Lee, and an ASB-free year to all clubs on campus.

I, Daniel Jang, bequeath a million pebbles to Chris Lee and Justin Yi, weekly all-nighters to Allen Chang, one hell of a good time to the tenors, and great future performances to all Lynbrook choirs!

I, Danielle Jung, bequeath successful soccer seasons to srin, nessie, tamatha, ashlee, and raymond, many fun filled first periods to julie and avni, as much common sense as I can to white den (they’ll need it), as many memes as I have to steph to help through junior year, and all the sleep I missed (but she’ll need) to joelle.

I, Dave Desouza-Lawrence, bequeath extra conditioning to the football team, and a CCS victory to the boys golf team.

I, Denver Tang, bequeath less technological issues to solve for Toan, a fun senior year to Robert Sun and Elyzjah Gordan, and free flights to Lynbrook students who I have interacted with on a daily basis in the past.

I, Denver Yu, bequeath the spirit of simas to Luka Mandic and the rest of Lynbrook Soccer, sweet physics dreams to Andy Li, alpha male bounces to Justin Dong, a proper brother to Eddie Wang, tons of trophies to Jasmine Hou, and a high school diploma to Ethan Jean that he never received.

I, Dianna Shen, bequeath all of my love to the Intersections officers, El Vito to Leo Shaw, a good thesis statement to Eric Yang, Plants vs. Zombies to Victor Shen, and a good night’s sleep to Andy Li.

I, Divya Nelakonda, bequeath some new photo arrangements to News 2018-19, the joy of thinking of making front page to Sunny and Dhriti, NCHS and hopefully no more karaoke socials to Belinda, a healthy back and (finally) some Jamba Juice to Diana, my name to Divya Balaji, and Mike Bundy, fat _ _ _ _, and the ability to install fonts without buttcrack to Aileen.

I, Diya Jain, bequeath hermans and many more wins to the field hockey team, much needed stress relief to Kanav, my passion and fairy lights to Antara, Bom Diggy to Jalwa ,all my love and support to Zainab, and the future of clubs to Michelle and Andy.


I, Eesha Deepak, bequeath my physics knowledge to Raka Acharya, my craziness to Isha Venkatesh and Claire Chen, and all of my love to my children in Dolci.

I, Eileen Yang, bequeath the Photography Club and Yearbook Photography dictatorship to Alisha Yang, endless hours of sports team rostering to the Valhalla staff, years of passion instilled world-shaking to the Interact Club Officers, and a failed Hack Club proposal, post-gym Tea Era bento boxes, & a fulfilling stress-free senior year to Eric Yang.

I, Emily Du, bequeath my sanity to Akshata Chonnad, endless “no you”s to Charles Barnes, principal positions to Michelle Pugh, and a non-jank flute to Hali Wu.

I, Emmaline Mai, bequeath jammed fingers to the guard, government conspiracies to Alicia, the care of Scratch club to Carol and Jennifer, bags of chips to the GWC officers and interns, leadership of mech to Kaylee, and dino Avengers to Nathan (class of 2025).

I, Erick Shimabuku, bequeath funny stories to Mrs. Quindipan, fun times for my ceramics group, and good college apps to Darren Huang and Nathan Fang!

I, Estella Lin, bequeath bear hugs to Alex and Joonha, versatile range to Nyna and Emma, iPad drawing skills to Sophia, Relax Time to Sanjana, and a fun rest of the time at Lynbrook full of happy memories and plenty laughter to all my underclassmen friends and their future friends as well.


I, Garret Wang, bequeath a stash of fondling lace to Mr. Seike, more funding for Mr. Pakaluk, sunscreen and spider-repellent spray for my marching band buddies Cynthia Liu and Madison Bossetti, and good fortune for next year’s test takers and college applicants. Good luck!


I, Hansen Lillemark, bequeath a dying club to Maanvi Thawani, Alyssa Kim, and Pranav Kirti, my stupidity to Nick Nguyen, Vincent Peng, and Austin Chen, a Yoooo to Pramesh Karthikeyan, a jewel to Tim Zou, and APbaby to Zainab Nasir.

I, Hatim Saifee, bequeath PWITB to Aditi/sOnaLi, discounted Starbeez to NicoleOwO, dealing with SNO to Audrey and Kaylin, the future of Epic to all my Epic shishtars, Quindi’s stories to Stephanie, #g*ytingz to Alara, religious namaazes to Zainab, more Lizzo concerts to Rhea, #skinnybrows to Kavya, wig-snatching skills to Belinda, PMT to Katie, and my Sitara singing skills to Sanjana.

I, Heather Kong, bequeath my endless love and life’s work in Interact to Emma Nguyen, Kyle Yu, and Helen Hu, the wonderful future of Pre-Med to Pranav Kadiyala and Sowmya Mambakkam, my messy bedroom and three more eventful years at Lynbrook to Lauraine Kong, and my calculus review book and physics notes to Nicholas Kong, Class of 2024.

I, Hsinyen Huang, bequeath blueberry muffins to Team HBV, travel tournaments to Speech and Debate, strong wifi to Girls Who Code, an actual social to the Epic, bountiful member presentations to WiSTEM, you-know-what to Aileen, headbanging music to Enzo, burn medicine to Miss Quebec, and a good ole time to my sister.


I, Iman Haq, bequeath my ability to lead a team to Shants Co., my ability to dance to Mary McLeod and Rei Trujillo, my Australian accent to Shubhra Dubey, and a memorable time in High School to my little brother Omar Haq, Class of 2023.

I, Iryl Tan, bequeath mb senioritis to Sahil, wack instruments to Rahul, vine making responsibilities to Olivia, broken reeds to Eric and Roshan, rainbowness to Annie Z, snack stealing to Bennett, and pasta parties to Ivilyn.

I, Isha Sharma, bequeath better fish-themed restaurant experiences to Mrs. Loia, breadsticks to Natalie Semersky, motivation to Karisa Choi, a date with Mother Dendall to my wopo gorls, Wakanda Forever to Mr. Pallone, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens to Shubhra Dubey and Gloria Tan, and mom hugs to Nyna Velamuri.


I, Jacob Lee, bequeath my bench skills to my volleyball underclassmen (Jonathan, Nathan, Justin, Kevin, Vincent, Ananth) and my CS skills to Aayush, Austin, Amy, and Ashley. Maybe next year, you guys got this.

I, James Jiao, bequeath late night excursions to Kunal Sheth, killer presentation skills to Niranjan Joshi, successful competition seasons to Robotics and Mock Trial, and of course a flourishing and entertaining high school experience to my sister, Angela Jiao.

I, Jamie Chang, bequeath to Trisha an endless supply of rainbows and the wooden fagotto; to Cosmo the position of principal bassoonist; to XC girls a penchant for ditching practice; and to Shubhra, Julie, Jessica my love of Viking Buddies.

I, Jasmine Kuo, bequeath unbreakable sewing needles and endless midnight snacks to my little sister Joy Kuo.

I, Jason Dong, bequeath CS club to my fellow Project Euler officers and Chris, tennis skills to Pranav, science fair talent to Raghav and Chinmay, NCHS to my “brother” Justin, physics to jcheng_supastar, drama talent to Jack and Sakin’s brother, and incredible math questions to Abhinav.

I, Jeff Liu, bequeath the future of Troop 452 to Larry Peng, speechwriting skills to Joe Lin, thick gains to Steven Zhong, lab skills and menial labor to Mr. Leung, and a vibrant road ahead to all my Orenda students.

I, Jeffrey Han, bequeath nothing to Gaurav Rajan, my boba addiction and growth spurt to Kelli Yee, late bedtimes to Isabel Moh, bottom row choir riser position to Austin Huang, the note E2 to Sid, 8 ball pool skills to David Ho, and procrastination habits to Yutong Liu.

I, Jennifer Yang, bequeath my “strict mom discipline” to Stephen and Heidi, percussion incapabilities to Andrew, Morris, and Aileen (wink wink), essay writing “skills” to Stella and Matthew, tea to Rahul, TPMvids to Ty, black clothes to Bennett, and all my love, bread, and ill-timed jokes to the pit kids.

I, Jessica Li, bequeath an endless lookout of oxford commas and continued content workshops to Belinda Zhou and Elena Williams, #teamrafael forever to Aileen Xue, a good guitar to Esther Zhu, finding weird guitar quirks to Livia Zhu and Yucia Wong, no more Earth Science to BJ Leong, my love for calculus to Amy Yang, UCLA to Jayson Lee, my ukulele to Melody Chen and all the love and support for the Epic and next year’s Editorial Board for years to come.

I, Jessie Wong, bequeath my Prius C to Val, my insanity to Georgie, Capriccio to Twisha, a stress-free senior-brain to Emily Hsu, an appreciation for page-turners to Pearl, the golf team to Elise, senioritis and chill to Carol, Elaine, and Lucy, my unparalleled music taste to Sunhoo, Gryffindor-ness to Doofus, and the iOS bear emoji and speedtexting-thumbs to PP Pariah.

I, Jodi Wong, bequeath early Sunday mornings and cheap concerts to Emily Lu, amazing cooking skills to Valerie Kan, and very early sleeping hours to Livia Zhu.

I, Jojo Chen, bequeath an eight legged jelly spider to Ashley S., all the luck I have to Roxanne C. (it’s not a lot I’m sorry), an abundant amount of soy sausages to Sanjana N, and a fun filled year of dealing with Sanjana to Maya A.

I, Joshua Wong, bequeath a jar of foil-wrapped milk chocolates to Mr. Penner. I also bequeath my tattered Campbell’s Biology textbook (all 1464 pages) to Pranav Kadiyala, limited Spanish skills to Matthew Wu, Lauryn Tuo, Jennifer Kim, and Natalie Semersky, and obsession with residential real estate to Patrick Phelan.

I, Justin Choi, bequeath my entire Smash Bros legacy to Andrew Tu. Be the biggest Chad there is and get those wins, buddy.

I, Justine Chen, bequeath an abundance of Fall Rally North attendees to my favorite Key Club key-uties, fat penguin suits to Hongjie, patience to deal with Hongjie to Shreedevi, grandma vibes and craziness at soccer to Julie, cutie and creative features layouts to Medha, A Love So Beautiful and Meteor Garden to Ashley and Pranav, confidence and creativity for web to Audrey, stress-free last days of production and short pitch calls to Nicole and Aileen, cheap doordash meals and fast passes at next year’s convention to #disneydudes (y’all know who you are!), a fun-filled senior year and relief of not dealing with Diya anymore to Zainab, cheap BTS concert tickets and all my love and support to Diana.


I, Kathleen Yang, bequeath the skills to annoy Coach and frozen grapes to the girls varsity tennis team, manta rays to Sophia Wu, hugs to Hillary Chang, gossip during orchestra to Kleo Ku, beards to Raghav Ganesh, and some chickens and art skills to Vincent Peng.

I, Kathryn Huang, bequeath my senpai status to Amy Tse, 17-18 Rec hangouts to Zainab Nasir, sass to Becca Liu, optimism to Michelle Chew, guitar/singing skills to Alex Chen, mom status to Elwing Gao, assertiveness to Austin Chen, and lots of love and memories to Jonathan and Matthew Huang

I, Kavitha Thirumaran, bequeath the milly rock to the volleyball team, all Marvel movies to Maddie Shao, large financial institutions to Shannon Kuo, better apparel and clapping to get open to the basketball team, successful bake sales to Me to We, and a great 4 years to Vikram Thirumaran, 2023.

I, Kavya Balaji, bequeath Overture to Divya Pereira and Helina Li, tons of fun get-togethers to Anish and Ananth Pilaka, and a lot of luck to my little brother Karthik Balaji.

I, Keerthana Babu, bequeath good essays to Joseph Zhang and Shreya Sinha, my passion for French to Milan Ganai, and a fun last year in viola section to Akshaya Ramakrishnan.

I, Kelsey Lu, bequeath kpop dance moves to Ashley, successful business deals and aesthetic profile spams to Claire and Priyanka, shin guard tans to the field hockey team, and a variety of dinner options to the Epic.

I, Kerry Wong, bequeath hops and dad jokes to Derek Liu, safe driving skills and xbox sports victories to Chris Kim, friendly moths and cute salsa dancers to Nikita Sehgal, Spot It talent to Allison Li, a good time in physics to Nithya Srinivasan, and nap sessions to Harry Chu.

I, Kiana Hatam, bequeath my bumblebee ring to Vanessa, my handshake skills to Tammi, my music playlist and yoga mats to Isha Rustagi and Sofia Ermakova, my unicorn tattoos to the girls on the soccer team, my spirit to next years Link Crew Commissioners, my math notes to Riya Kumari (even though she is too smart for them), and what is left of my free time for my besties Katie and Rhea.

I, Krish Govindasamy, bequeath 8059 to Vincent Shen, DM to Akshata Chonnad, “where’s my money” to Erik Ji, a fun three years at lynbrook to Faith Ju, my trombone to Boen Wang, my DB90 skills to Catherine Zheng, and my goose to Phillip Lee.

I, Krishnakumar Bhattaram, bequeath German Honor Society to Milan Ganai, good weather to Astrophysics Club, and my sonic screwdrivers to Karthik Bhattaram.

I, Kuhu Mathur, bequeath my inability to remember dance steps to Aayushi Jani, my Lightroom and Photoshop skills to Kanav Tirumala and Fred Lee, and my love for cooking and baking to all future Cooking Arts Clubs members.

I, Kulsoom Ahmad, bequeath college app skills to Tanav O, luck for Octagon to Arnav, Pranav, and Lakshmi, a school without construction to the class of 2024, and a corner to pray in to Abdullah A and Annamta S.


I, Leslie Hwang, bequeath insane 4-court rallies and line-judge death stares to my crazy tennis team, harder-to-search-up trivia to my RC officers, faster dishwashing to my Cicero’s boys, unexpired snacks and fashion-forward gift-wrapping accessories to my dearest GWC gals, and all the growth (not vertically though, you can stop now) and happiness to my lil brother and best friend, Evan.

I, Leslie Pu, bequeath sea otters to Mr. Pallone, Matthew F. Maury raps to Kavish Trivedi, kiddo jokes and good marine science textbooks (for beating Albany HS) to the 2019 and 2020 OSB teams, “Russian” horn playing to Ethan Lee, very interesting music to Cynthia Liu, and the legacy of (Earth) science inclusiveness to the 2019-2020 Science Club officers.


I, Mahima Sinha, bequeath my love for dishoom and all the Silsilay hype to AISA, sunny Tuesday lunches in front of the library to CSF, endless karaoke sessions to the Dolcissima girls, a gold medal in the Pod Olympics to NHS, and dancing with a happy smile (with ENERGY!) to all my amazing Jalwa babies.

I, Manoj Soundararajan, bequeath Stats skills to Eric, a non-existent drivers license to Austin C, closing abilities to Jash, hand signs to Aneesha, cute face to Aaron, DECA success to Yash and $100 to all of Lynbrook hidden in a tree.

I, Margarita Sokolenko, bequeath super strength and stamina to my water polo girls in their next season.

I, Maxwell Wang, bequeath the future of film club to Chinmay, Pranay, Kevin, Michelle, and Shree, my guy Alex Tai, the best of luck on your boy scout journeys to Anthony Huang, Gavin Wong, Ian Shih, Evan Cen, William Chu, Charles Barnes, and Ethan Chang, and an epic 4 years to the new and greatly improved version of me, Hamilton Wang.

I, Medha Gelli, bequeath a great year of WiSTEM to Michelle, the leadership of JNHS, cake, and Todd to Amy, sad smiles and quirky students to Kitchen Sensei, wonderful singing to a fabulous group of Dolci gorls, successful, productive meetings to the Aletheia staff, and PG-13 nights to Patrick Phelan.

I, Meera Balaji, bequeath another year of incessant emails to Niranjan, eggs to Miss Bogota, and a kit kat bar to Ankit.

I, Megan Yang, bequeath my golfing skills to Emily Hsu and Elise Jang, recruiting luck to Anton Ouyang, and a great four years at Lynbrook to my younger sisters Riley and Caitlin, Class of 2024 and 2026.

I, Meghana Kumar, bequeath Paper Airplanes to Sanjana, Audrey, Nancy, Hali and Abdullah, and four amazing years in high school to my brother, Arjun, class of 2023.

I, Meghna Kaligotla, bequeath the screeching soprano section to the Perooras and glorat goose, tiring yet fun rehearsals to the entire musical cast, learning music a couple days before concerts to the DolcissiMAMAS, and a tremendous time at LHS to all the underclassmen who’ve my four years spectacular.

I, Mehek Kapur, bequeath an absolutely amazing next 1-4 years to the classes of 2020-2023 : )

I, Michelle Lum, bequeath production snacks and tone-deaf singing to the Epic staff, diamonds to Cindy, Rachana and the rest of the DECA officer team, OReos to all my OR babies, red tomatoes and good luck on college apps to Hillary and Meg, status of best Wu sister to Candis, ranting over bagels to Sophia, high-pitched screams to Aleena, a year free of chem to Pooja and Linda, lineup mix-ups to Maya, pink outfits to Rebecca, Mardi Gras to Sylvain and Sarah, and our favorite Tuesday lunch club to Emily and Anisha.

I, Michelle Zhou, bequeath my wOaH’s to Roxanne Chou, THE TEA to Ashley Song, complaining skillz to Megan Yeh, all the nail polish in the world to Julia Michels, my eyebrows to Megan Hong, a granted Wish to Sahil Somani, good cardboard to Aayush Seth, and screams to Tim Zou.

I, Mohini Adkar, bequeath Lynbrook Drama and the International Thespian’s Society to Shubhra Dubey, Mia Mccormack, and Calista Kerba, interpretation to Nyna Velamuri, edgy memes and a terrible sense of humor to Shiv Sankavaram, the doges to Shubhra Dubey.


I, Namrata Vajrala, bequeath my baddie friends for every scream and word of support, Valhalla for all the long days, and my Spanish buddy for the dumb moments.

I, Nick Chan, bequeath my love for Lynbrook water polo and swimming, head-up fly, and elite ditching skills to Wesley Sun and Austin Wang.

I, Nicole Cheng, bequeath senior team captain and uber driver to Leo Shaw, my badminton bag to Sanjana Narayanan, always being late to Tanav Ohal, mother status to Gloria Tan, 4 year TC to Naomi Lee, my life problems to Vivek Verma, and an amazing season to Amy Chatterjee, Ellen Zhang, Catherine Li and Jacqueline Wen.

I, Nicole Waring, bequeath bringing boba to track practice to Jocelyn, Jess, Andrea, Caroline, and Jiatong, “productive” hurdle workouts and obsession with Masaki to Aneesha, an amazing senior year to Zainab, recognition commission planning to Priyanka and Vijaya, shameless hypebeast status to Brendan, dinosaur chicken nuggets to Austin and Bennett, and ASB craziness to Calais.

I, Nikash Walia, bequeath a good taste in memes to Mr. Fulk, my dad jokes to Rebecca Liu, a dislike for .IO games to Ian Moore, a better sleep schedule to Kunal Sheth, and a love for teaching robotics to Vijaya Kukutla.

I, Nikita Rangwala, bequeath gingerbread house decorating to Amy Tse, endless Tetris games to Stephen Yang, gallon smashing videos and many pasta parties to my soccer gals, my gaming skills to Stephanie Park, diving for days to Isabela Britton, fun political discussions to the JSA team, and my screams to Tim Zou.

I, Nishita Katere, bequeath my quirkiness and commitment issues to Linda, Sophia, Pooja, Aleena, and Kavya, accounting skillz to Joella, Snigdha, and Gehna, ability to fit many tennis balls within my shorts to the team, determination to my little brother Nithin Katere, and to everyone I have met over these last four years I bequeath you the opportunities to make memories you will cherish forever.

I, Noela Bae, bequeath fun Bellarmine proms to Jennifer; senioritis to Abhinav and Ian; impeccable AP style to Belinda and Elena; many gavels to Maya, Sanjana, and Vibhav; JSA Starbucks sessions to Stephen and Kanav; hotpot adventures to Ashley; La Cueva to Janvi and Lauryn; and Hsinyen’s last brain cell to Youqi.

I, Nora Lam, bequeath early morning hikes to Lauren Ho, cute butts to Rhea Anand, boy talks to Joyce Chen, chipotle runs to Nikita Sehgal, life without ap chem to Aileen Xue, successful link crew lunches to Atharva Gunda, and lots of love & pasta to lynbrook field hockey.


I, PJ, bequeath my FUT skills to Luka Mandic because the boy needs help, my spot in the midfield to Ethan Israel- only two footers from here on out Ethan, my amazing biology and note taking skills to Isabel Moh, and my luck to Soham C. with library girl.

I, Patricia Wei, bequeath passion and the beauty of taking risks to Audrey and Kaylin, chill runs to Emma and Aditi, all my Paper Airplanes love to Sanjana, Audrey, Hali, Abdullah and Nancy, fun JNHS activities to Amy, Ryan, and the JNHS officer team, positivity-filled mornings to Nithya, many ganbatz to Lauren, Sarah, Kyle, Chris, Elissa, Elaine, and Alex, pato time to Kitchen sensei, and high-fives to Corban Dybdahl. And to Mr. Miller: from my first day of high school to my last issue of Epic, thank you for being there along every step of the WEI.


I, Radence Tsow, bequeath my amazing washed out cello skills to my cello section, and the ease of finding a new chauffeur to Erin Tsow.

I, Rahul Ravi, bequeath my children Sumeet Kulkarni, Larry Peng, Pranav Kadiyala, Natalie Semersky, and Haadia Tanveer my wisdom and knowledge. Jahmen.

I, Rhea Chowdhury, bequeath music memes to Phoebe, Catherine, and Sahil; my amazing shooting ability to Shubhra, Julie, Amy and Mary; stress-free freshmen orientation to Amy, Gunner, and Katie; fantastic nap periods to Michael; a lit sss to White Den; and a fun-filled four years to Ananth, Atharva, and Anika.

I, Rick Zhang, bequeath top 10 leaderboards in Brawl Stars to Tim Zou, a sick art portfolio to Katherine Wang, and spontaneous naps and Injeolmi Bingsu runs to Elise Jang.
I, Risa Mori, bequeath no more stressful Tuesday nights to the Epic, all the uwus and skincare shenanigans to Nicole Ong and Aileen Xue, shoutouts to Pranav Mishra, Christy Yu and Alisha Naidu, accidental video calls to Dhriti Iyer and Kavya Iyer, foodie conventions to Claire Chiu, successful Club Info Days to Viking Buddies officers and the best of luck to Yusuke Mori.

I, Rita Chen, bequeath study habits to Lauryn Tuo, awesome planning skills to future social commission, winter formal to Antara Mallick, my college application tips to Aneesha Nema, cool dancing to Nivi Madhan, loads of fun to Jeremy Steiger, and all my love to class of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

I, Riti Mital, bequeath Yogurtland and a weight room session to the Valhalla Photogs, double leaning jowlers to Victor and Andy, lemonade to Naman, one hundred gravities to Vihan, and an UNO attack to Maanvi.

I, Robyn Lee, bequeath my driving and commission snacks to Andy, Michelle, and Kanav, eternal supply of chips n dip to Roxanne, hella food to Ashley, the lu laoshi dance photo to Olivia, and my love for dance to the rest of the valks :’)

I, Rohan Goel, bequeath free TPumps to Shubhra and Alaap, chipotle runs to Stephen, the honorary office of JSA presidency to Kanav, controversial political debates to JSA, productive screen-printing meetings to Kami Apparel, a car and driver’s license to Darren, DECA clout to Bharath, Anay, and Snehith, authentic 49ers fan status to Simi, and LHS Deewani to Suchir (oh wait…).

I, Ronit Mathur bequeath hard-working officers to Chap, trees to Aileen Mi, my eyes to Hersh Panda, lighter sunglasses to Mitchell, nerdy glasses to Patrick Phelan, proper slang to Mr. Lee, many kinds of tea to Mr. Nguyen, more students to Kitchen Sensei, and a happy retirement to Ms. McCown and Mr. Richmond.

I, Roopak Phatak, bequeath cross country team captain and HEI president to Pramesh Karthikeyan, fun hikes to HEI, and a (hopefully) not stressful junior and senior year to my little sister Mukta Phatak, Class of 2021.

I, Ryan Sun, bequeath competitive success to DECA and FBLA, a stress-free senior year to the Class of 2020, happiness and prosperity to Lynbrook faculty, and an eventful life to my closest friends.


I, Sadhana Sarma, bequeath a successful year to the Epic, lots of love to all the Key-uties, many more header goal yogurtland trips to my soccer babes, a lifetime supply of fluffy jackets to Ankitha & Kleo, many more absurdly expensive doordashes to the disney dudes (Pranav, Enzo, Diana), and 4 years of loneliness without me to Samyu Sarma, 2023.

I, Sakin Kirti, bequeath a wonderful next two years to my brother, Pranav Kirti, CardioMed skillz to Shasta N, tons of research opportunities to Jash G, amazing Link Crew members to Jonathan H, and speedy cross country races to Pramesh K.

I, Samiksha Patil, bequeath member attendance of HEAL and Nguyen’s hi-chews to Aileen and Claire, the hotspot for the EEG to Nathaniel, Pranav, and Rohan, lots of love to Neuroscience Club, my room, common sense, and whatever I don’t take to college with me to Srushti Patil.

I, Samveda Pagay, bequeath my craziness to Gehna Gupta, my awesome ditching-practice skills to Lia Seo and gina, my knowledge of the spanish acronyms─especially viera─to Nisha Ramanathan, many victorious seasons to my fellow water-polo and swim teammates, and my cocoa moons to Mr. Bale. I also bequeath Mihika Ryan the endurance to survive high school for the next two years.

I, Sandy Matsuda, bequeath my crude humor to Jessica Atmadja, my legendary field hockey hits to Amy Tse, a rat-like personality to Yuzuri Ito, the biggest brain to Leo Shaw, good luck to the engage tutors and tutees, and my stealthy poking skills to the field hockey family.

I, Sean Wu, bequeath the revolution and locker to Vincent and Richard Chiu, my perfect track attendance to Charles and Alex, good food runs to Joy, college acceptance bread to Cosmo, #stanloona to the cultured Grace, favoritism to the prodigious Deeya, neither Lucky nor Shiro to Faith, and some much needed basics, IQ, sanity, and love to all the clarinets.

I, Selena Jeong, bequeath millions of Intersections intern applications to Sarah Sotoudeh, rollerblading adventures to Rhea Anand, spicy tempeh sauce to Lauren Ho, a compass to Mr. Nguyen, my stupid laugh to Mr. Williams, and finally, a nose boop to Ms. Griffin

I, Selina Li, bequeath club unity and spirit to the new CSF officers, an endless supply of Lynbrook pencils and tea to ASB Recognition, Canva and publicity skills to the Aletheia staff, my impeccable Beijing accent to Amy Sun, much sleep to Amory Gao, and high fives to Lindsey Lu.

I, Serena Li, bequeath my long jump to Claire Wang and Vanessa Su, my triple jump to Jocelyn Churn, fun years of wushu to Bailey Gong, and my tesla to Samuel Li.

I, Shannelle Craig, bequeath an amazing, stress-free next three years to my brother, Daniel Craig, and all the luck and good vibes to the classes of 2023-2020.

I, Shannon Ding, bequeath the tech box and Chan 150 Thru 157 Effect 917 to Erik and Andrew; Web Dev’s delicious caeser cipher salads to Kunal, Aanand, and Nirmit; NCHS to Belinda and Roy; and a Dino Pet (now $49.99!) to Kavish and Jonathan.

I, Shannon Heh, bequeath my mediocre violin skills and a stress-free senior year to concertmistress Emily Hsu, and A+ organization skills and attention-grabbing claps to my lovely GWC SJ officers/sisters.

I, Shannon Liu, bequeath my late-night functioning brain and whales to Cynthia Shi, my anime knowledge to Angel Tseng, band/orchestra jokes to Keerthana Babu, and my high school survival skills to my little brother Darian Liu (don’t die).

I, Shaunak Bhandarkar, bequeath a new jacket to Joonha Hwang, a swerve drive to Sam Pickholtz, division finalists to Kunal “Sheth Wes” and the rest of the robotics officer team, the Madhira rule to Suchir Madhira, my Monopoly L’s to Ananth, Anish, and Yiling, and the “pencil pouch” that’s always in Mrs. Korsunsky’s class to Alaap Rag.

I, Shriya Reddy, bequeath all my Peet’s gift cards to Mrs. Quindipan, amazing goalie skills to Isabela Britton, beautiful art pieces to Megan Xu, cute We Bare Bear stickers to Caroline Wang, and four years of good grades and fun to my baby sister Sasya Reddy, Class of 2024.

I, Shruti Ranade, bequeath my “bad” driving to Hali, pulse to Matthew, the yawn move to Ryan, cow horns to Deeya, <3 to Soham, my mom to Anika, clean white shoes to Ananth, braids to Maria, a regular trash can to Soumya, taco bell to Pranay, the correct name to Krishna, life to Gehna, Chinmay, and Atharva, texas from your exes to Michael and Rahul, unlimited rides to lhs taara, and some beautiful stars to Isha : )

I, Sinja Sanandan, bequeath barely-scraping-by skills to Nyna, storytelling and memes no one else likes to Simi, baby-fever to Neha, Uber-driver status to Jalwa (only the useful ones that can drive), PR-pride to Intersections, epic one-liners to Rhea, and a new course schedule to Sarah.

I, Som Naik, bequeath all the cellos my mad cello skills, and bequeath Mr. Richmond decades more of glorious singing and wonderful narration.

I, Sonakshi Khanna bequeath my penchant for missing practice to Emma Nguyen, my sunscreen to Lani Doh, and to both, gelato and pho; my essays and Marvel theories to Megan Xu, all our rant sessions to Mukta Phatak, and to all last-minute video calls Madhavan & Anya.

I, Sophie Lin, bequeath my love for Loki and marvel to Madeline Shao, and my amazing art skill to Vincent Peng.

I, Srinidhi Seshadri, bequeath the SNO struggles to Audrey and Kaylin, to my fav Epic staffers, my sleep to Nicoleo (uwu), my french-english to Dhriti and Chinmay, figuring out tabroom to Vivek, my LSD love to Twisha, Cindy and Rachana, the future of Sitaara to Anitez, my college knowledge to Amudha and Shounak, smashing em sweaty ones to Amy Sun and Sanjana and all my Lynbrook apparel to Anirudh.

I, Stanley Wang, bequeath JMO 6/AMO 5 to Jonathan Huang, OAR to David Hu, Lingre to Phoebe Lin, eggplant to Milan Ganai, and good poker hands to William Huang.

I, Surya Kalaimani, bequeath my tuner to the next piccolo player, ice packs to my beautiful guardlings, a Taco Bell date to my favorite junior, hugs to my best friends Felipe and Carrot, and infinite love to my little sister Archita for her journey through high school, guard, and beyond.


I, Tania Godbole, bequeath the Sandpiper Lodge and the definition of hearsay to Lynbrook Mock Trial; bougie ice cream and dying inside to Raka, juniority to Akhil, fundraising and straight 10s to Becca, Stanford-worthy hand-gestures to Niranjan, and summer camps to Zoe and Kanav; peace, love, and successful mixers to Kyle, Emma, and Helen; and finally, a quad to Lynbrook.

I, Tanvee Joshi, bequeath LHS Deewani to Mukta, keeping (funny) FBLA vlogs up-to-date to Nevin and Bhagya, being a Super Llama to Kavya, handling “exciting” conference registration to Michael and Sarah, and running an amazing Silsilay show to the AISA team.

I, Tanvi Narvekar, bequeath my love for medicine and Pre-med to Pranav Kadiyala and Sowmya Mambakkam, love for HEAL to Aileen Xue and Claire Tan, my love for education and music to my brother Om Narvekar, and the motivation for more school to myself.


I, Vennela Chukka, bequeath animals to add to Pranav Mishra’s family zoo, physics love to Gloria, Nyna, and Shubhra, and lots of BTS love to Jennifer.


I, Wei Han Chen, bequeath personal Uber driver to Starr Gong, mid-day snacks to Jay Wei, excuse I should eat more to Jewel Yang, “easy” going to Mindy and chillin production days to Yearbook.

I, William Yi, bequeath more competition wins to our marching band, a cool cafeteria for the underclassmen, and a joyful next two years at Lynbrook for my younger brother Justin Yi.


I, Yiu-On Li, bequeath cringey memes to Suphala Nibhanupudi, a locked box labeled “the mysteries of the universe, answered” to Ria Chaudhary (you’re not getting the key, though), a metaphorical wardrobe of metaphorical scarves to Grace Huang, optimistic nihilism to Andy “Andrés” Han, Google Slides design skills to Tanvi Krishnan, and a boba-free lifestyle to Vertigo. All the best! : )

I, Ysabel Li, bequeath AP Lit participation points to Eric Yang, a skate towel to Megan Yeh, my height to Lia Seo, my essay-editing service to Trisha Sengupta and Allison Li, early-onset senioritis and an ability to be subtle to Austin Wang, my French skills to Michelle Choi, working Expo markers to Alek Dendall, and lubricating eye drops to the Girls Water Polo teams.

I, Yuriko Akeyama, bequeath captain duties to Pearl Klassen (take them to nationals!!), “asserting dominance” rights to Ashley Tsao aka OG Ash, SSS work ethic to Simi Vanwari, and driving skills to Shuntaro.


I, Zayhaan Batlivala, bequeath my football skills to Ananth Pilaka and Kaden Chen, my math cramming skills to Maanvi Thawani and Pranav Kadiyala, the no chase policy to Akhil Aggarwal, hilarious Silsilay promo videos to Shubhra Dubey, and all the honor and glory of the Batlivala name to Zahra Batlivala.

I, Zoe Ko, bequeath productive practices and birthday parties to the tennis team, shs to lauryn and janvi, late night romcoms to linda, terrible physics jokes to jonah, and baskit co to akhil.