Senior Prom 2023: Happily Ever After

Riki Murase and Chelsea Lee

Students made some of their final high school memories with a “Happily Ever After” senior prom on the evening of Friday, May 12. Hosted at the Grand Corinthian Ballroom in downtown San Jose, the extravagant event was split into the two main floors of the building. On the first floor, guests enjoyed bars serving drinks from shirley temples to Coca-colas and buffets of tacos, pasta, sushi and a chocolate fountain. If the traditional photo booth was not enough to capture memories, the upper floor had a 360 video booth with props like bubble guns and money guns. With classic games like Jenga and Connect Four, and of course, dancing, this was a night to remember.

The main floor hosted the primary dance floor accompanied by strobe lights and deafening speakers and a lavish dining area that was eventually moved to make space for the increasingly large crowd of students. From slow dances to electrified dance circles, the ballroom was filled with excited energy between every song.

“I’m really proud of our team for putting all this together through unforeseen challenges,” senior class president Emma Tu said. “Last night really was our happily ever after.”