Advice for high school students

Oh Whale!


Michyla Lin, Design Editor

My favorite aspect of the end of the school year aside from summer break is the opportunity to hit the reset button and think of ways in which I want to improve myself. At the beginning of this school year, I created a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish before the end of the year. However, as 2017 came and went, I discovered that goals are not always one and done decided to take time to reflect on how I’ve grown throughout the years.

Ever since I was young, I wanted to make an impact on the world. I thought at first that I would achieve this by being a singer or an actress. However, my experiences in school taught me that there are different ways of achieving this aside from being popular or well known. Writing this column was one way I could make my mark by sharing what “wisdom” I’ve collected throughout my four years. So now I will write my final advice to everyone.

Dear Freshmen,

Congratulations on making it through your first year of high school. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of spending another three years here, I get it. I did too. School is about challenging your mind to think in different ways so that you can continue to grow in the future which can include getting outside of your comfort zone by joining a club or a sport for the first time. I did that by joining the Epic, but everyone is different. Don’t feel rushed to find your niche. I’ll tell you a secret: even some upperclassmen have yet to find where they fit in, so don’t think that you have to be part of a group. Sometimes those who go solo discover more about themselves.

Dear Sophomores,

The first round of Honors and AP courses are the toughest, and I commend you for getting through it all. Some of you may have found your place, while others may feel caught in a weird limbo between groups. Some of you may be thinking about what you want to study in the future, while others may still be a little unsure. As the stress builds, remember not to become lost in your work moving forward.

Dear Juniors,

One more year left. It’s an exciting prospect and by now you may find yourselves taking on more responsibilities as you gain leadership positions in clubs or participate in more programs. Though this can be exciting, it can be overwhelming. At times it may feel like you’re drowning, but it’s okay to slip up. After all, we’re human. What is more important is that you find a way to grow from all these extracurriculars. If you don’t feel like you’re growing or learning, find something that challenges you rather than buries you under loads of busy work. The magic of maturing is that we gain the skills needed to initiate change.

To my fellow seniors,

We did it. It’s time to thrust ourselves into the real world and see how we fare on our own. Rather than advice, I’d like to extend a final farewell. Many of us have seen each other grow up since elementary school and watched each other become the people we are today. Hopefully, we can continue to keep in touch after we leave Lynbrook and inspire one another as our lives progress.

So here is my final goodbye. Goodbye to Lynbrook, goodbye to the Class of 2018 and goodbye to my primary youth. We had a good run, and if we never meet again,

Oh Whale,

I hope you will continue to grow and wish you all good luck on whatever path you find yourself going down in the future.