Virtual victories: Should esports be considered a sport?


Jason Shan, Web Editor

In recent years, esports has proven itself as the fastest growing “sports” industry in the world. An increasingly digital-centric era begs the question of whether esports should truly be considered a sport.


Regis He, Sophomore: I do believe that esports should be considered an actual sport because it allows a lot of athletically challenged people to have a chance through esports to participate in sports, and it’s just overall a fun thing to do.




Sophiya Mehra, Senior: No. In my opinion, sports are an intersection between physical and mental fitness, and esports are mostly mental, not physical.




Nathan Ye, Sophomore: I believe that esports should be considered a sport, since like many other sports, it is team-oriented. There’s a really big market for esports, and it’s only going to grow bigger and bigger as more and more people get access to technology.




Dhruv Ghosh, Junior: Definitely not. It’s the same reason I think that chess, or essay-writing isn’t a sport. A sport is defined by physical activity. If you’re just sitting down all the time, then it’s not a sport.