LHS AISA presents Silsilay 2023

Katie Chin and Amishi Chandra

 Bollywood music, thunderous applause and an entertaining script swept across the auditorium on March 11 as different Indian dance teams took the stage and showcased their diverse talent in Silsilay for the first time in four years. 

Schools from all over the Bay Area came together, putting on an unforgettable show with everything from classical dancing to singing to bollywood fusion. The show was tied together by a hilarious murder mystery plot, with different groups performing their acts in between scenes. 

The show ended on a bang with a spectacular performance by Lynbrook Jalwa and a surprise for the team’s seniors. With a mixture of high emotion and energy, Silsilay was welcomed back to Lynbrook with a roaring standing ovation.

Photos and reporting by Amishi Chandra and Katie Chin.