Lynbrook celebrates exceptional students and faculty


Photos by Anushka Anand. Asgardians logo used with permission from Asgardians.

These notable students and staff were recognized by the FUHSD Board of Trustees and FUHSD Leadership in the Board Room of the District Office on March 7.

Anushka Anand, Managing Editor

After evaluating nominations submitted by Lynbrook students, staff and parents, the Lynbrook Site Council has chosen their two employees of the year, two Poster Students for the Class of 2023, recipient of the Fremont Union High Schools Foundation’s scholarship and Highlighted Student Group, all of whom were recognized by the FUHSD Board of Trustees and FUHSD Leadership in the Board Room of the District Office on March 7.

Lynbrook Certificated Staff Member of the Year: Economics and Government teacher David Pugh

When Pugh started teaching at Lynbrook, he was the youngest staff member. Through the years, he has enjoyed coaching the men’s varsity soccer and varsity badminton teams and advising the Mock Trial club, which he continues to do today. He also played the drums in the band, “The Lyratons,” which performed in the “Blue Pearl” event to fundraise for the Lynbrook Instrumental Music Program. His dedication to Lynbrook earned him this year’s title of Certificated Staff Member of the Year.

“It feels amazing to be part of a very cohesive and positive environment,” Pugh said. “The chemistry between the staff and students and Lynbrook’s atmosphere is tremendous.”

Lynbrook Classified Staff Member of the Year: technician specialist Allen Chan

Chan, after going to Fremont High School, became Lynbrook’s network systems specialist in 2020. He majored in Business Administration with a concentration in management information systems. After exploring other fields, including film, Chan realized that he most enjoyed learning about and utilizing technology, which ultimately led him to become a staff member and an adviser for Lynbrook’s esports team, The Asgardians. Chan helps teachers and students when they have struggles with their computers or with any technical problems.

“One of my favorite parts about working at Lynbrook is seeing how hard the staff works for the students,” Chan said. “There is so much care for the students to make sure that we can give them the best opportunities possible and help them be the best they can be.”

Poster Students for the Class of 2023: senior Lucy Barnes

Barnes, who moved to the Bay Area from Minnesota in 2019, has spent the last four years opening herself up to everyone at Lynbrook, from students to staff. Barnes was awarded the Red, White and Blue award for Outstanding Citizenship/Character last year, as she demonstrated qualities which make her a role model for others at Lynbrook.

“Everyone around me is really passionate and driven,” Barnes said. “It has motivated me to push myself and find what I’m passionate about. You don’t see high schoolers do so much like create apps so often, and it made me realize that I am also capable of doing so much.”

Poster Students for the Class of 2023: senior Vikram Thirumaran

Thirumaran has been the voice of students in Lynbrook’s Citizens Advisory Council, in which he discussed declining enrollment at Monta Vista High School and how to encourage students to continue taking school classes. Over the course of his high school career, he has been known for his friendly demeanor and kindness on campus. 

“It’s my personal mantra — to treat everyone well, regardless of age, status, or appearance,” Thirumaran said.”

Fremont Union High Schools’ Foundation Scholarship Recipient of the Year: Cougar Karson 

Karson has worked extremely hard to improve his grades and mentality while at Lynbrook. After the pandemic, Karson struggled to get his grades up, having to retake summer classes. 

“I was at a really low point and in a bad headspace,” Karson said.

After spending nights overworking himself, Karson came out of his junior year with A’s and B’s. He changed his attitude to become more open-minded and approachable to those around him, which includes going out of his way to spend time getting to know his teachers. 

“It’s been a long journey,” Karson said. “But high school really teaches you so much about yourself. It’s taught me how important it is for me to be myself and continue to spread as much positivity into the world as I can.”

Highlighted Group of the Year: the Asgardians esports team

The Asgardians is the first esports team in FUHSD history. After its founding in 2022, the team has spent the last year practicing and competing for invitationals in the High School Esports League and PlayVS. They play Valorant, Rocket League, League of Legends and Chess on HSEL, as well as Super Smash Bros Ultimate on PlayVS. 

Three players on the Chess team in the Asgardians will compete in the National Esports Chess tournament in May. The Asgardians placed first in their regular season and were undefeated until playoffs, where they concluded with a 47-10 record for rounds. They also hosted the Valorant Fall Invitational specifically for Lynbrook students to garner interest in competitive esports school-wide.

“I’m glad that the Asgardians are finally getting some recognition, especially because Lynbrook is the first to have a district-recognized team,” senior and Asgardians captain Janet He said.