Phase one of construction comes to an end

Meera Balaji, Public Relations Manager

For the past 11 months, the shell of a building has been looming over the soccer field. Every teacher has grown accustomed to the sharp sounds of construction tools whirring and buzzing at random intervals. But the builders’ hard work has paid off, and the shell has become much more. As phase one of Lynbrook’s construction plan comes to a close, a new dance studio and fitness space is on the brink of completion. Although construction began late due to certain unforeseen circumstances, it was completed around the projected end date, assuring that the second phase would commence as quickly as possible.  

Located between the Field House and Stober Field, the fitness center will be open to all Lynbrook students to visit this May. The building will be replacing the Cove, which currently houses the Valkyries dance team and numerous sports trophies. The new weights and cardio room inside will aim to replace the weight room, which will be demolished during the second phase of construction.

“Although I’ll graduate before I get to see all the renovations at Lynbrook, I think it’s great that the campus is going to look and be more modern,” said senior Rahul Khare.

The first phase was also able to improve certain facilities that already existed at Lynbrook. For instance, the bathrooms were remodeled to include new roofing, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures and doors. The faculty bathrooms located adjacent to the Field House, however, are still under construction.

While the main purpose of the first phase was to build a fitness center, the second phase will involve demolishing the ASB Den, the Cove, the cafeteria and the print center. At lunch and brunch, food will be sold in the

“The plan is to renovate the cafeteria first, so once it is done, it will free up a large venue for people who have had to move,” said principal Maria Jackson. “We’re trying to phase [our efforts] so different areas will be released back to us before others. That way, people will know they won’t be in this position forever, but will think about the good they’re going to get in a year because something better is coming.”

Some of the most drastic changes will happen in the hub of campus: the Quad. During the second phase, the Quad will become larger, allowing more people to sit comfortably during large events such as Powderpuff and Homecoming. The Quad will temporarily be replaced by the area situated between the swimming pool and tennis courts. As a result, homecoming the following school year will take place in front of the tennis courts, since it is has the capacity to contain the entire student body.

“Even though we won’t have homecoming in the Quad next year, I’m excited to see how the campus is going to improve,” said sophomore Akhil Aggarwal.

The second phase of construction will promptly begin the day after Grad Night, on June 1, to ensure that the noise and commotion does not adversely affect students at the very end of the year.  

The final phase of construction is still being discussed, but is forecast to be a new guidance and students services building along with the addition of a lobby in the auditorium.

“Change is never easy, but it is necessary that we work together to find solutions, even if they are just temporary,” said Jackson.