Community commends employees


Srinidhi Seshadri, Web Editor

Each year, the Lynbrook community and students nominate staff members whose contributions to the school make them deserving of the title “Employee of the Year.” English teacher Andrew Seike and print center technician John Hott have received this award for the 2017-2018 school year.

Towards the end of the first semester, students and staff were asked to submit nominations for staff members who they believe have had a positive influence on the Lynbrook community. Nominations were collected for two categories: Certificated Employee of the Year, which includes teachers and guidance counselors, and Classified Employee of the Year, which includes support staff, paraeducators and custodians. School Site Council, a group of elected staff, students and parents, made the final decision based on all the nominations they received.

Lynbrook’s Certificated Employee of the Year, Seike, teaches English Literature and Writing and AP Language and Composition, and is also the adviser and instructor for the Aikido club, a modern Japanese martial arts club. Through fun activities in his classes, like class debates and his own uniquely fun version of socratic seminars, in addition to performing martial arts with his students, he is able to forge a stronger connection with them.

“The sheer amount of knowledge I gain is what I enjoy most about his class,” said junior Joyce Ker. “By sharing his personal stories with us, he connects to us on a personal level so we can engage in his lessons while learning life lessons.”

Along with trying to make sure that his students are able to develop a better understanding and appreciation for literature, Seike aims to help his students view the world in different ways and grow as individuals through sharing stories from his life.

“I want my students to realize that in this affluent community many fabricate their own degree of stress unnecessarily; they are creating a type of luxury stress so to speak, worrying about achievements that are impossible for an average person to obtain. Their anger, frustration and ultimately their unhappiness are based on the lack of material gain,” said Seike. “I personally promote finding happiness in the seemingly simple life through love, friendship and self-improvement wanting them just to better people and contributors to the welfare of others.”

Hott, who was awarded Classified Employee of the Year, spends most of his time at Lynbrook in the print center. Many teachers depend on him to make copies of worksheets, handouts and tests and he plays an imperative role in ensuring classes are able to run smoothly.

“He’s incredibly supportive, cheerful and never seems to resent any request for help,” said English teacher Nelda Clark.

Not only is Hott a valuable resource for teachers, but he also teaches students in the Special Education program. He works with these students on various concepts related to running a print center as a part of their on-site job training. Groups of students from the program visit the print center during the day and Hott teaches them how to use the different machines.

“I love being able to help teachers, staff and students,” said Hott. “To be able to have a service-based career where you make people happy, is very special.”

Both Seike and Hott continue to contribute to the Lynbrook community whether it be through teaching students about martial arts or running a print center. Their cheerful and kind personalities have helped make Lynbrook a better place and have had a long-lasting impact on the community.