Lynbrook tradition: Night on the Quad is back

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager

After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PTSA’s Night on the Quad returned on the evening of Sept. 29. The cafeteria and quad were filled with Lynbrook families who toured and watched performances from clubs and other student groups reinforcing the event’s purpose of introducing new students and parents to student organizations on campus.

“I was excited for Night on the Quad but also a little busy organizing it because it’s the first time it’s happening in three years,” said event organizer and PTSA member Jean Chang. “But it went well and I had many people tell me they enjoyed the event.”

   Around 20 booths were set up for clubs and other student groups to display an overview of their activities to curious community members. For example, the Forensic Science Club set up an investigation activity in which booth visitors matched the fingerprints of suspects with evidence from a fake murder scene. People who matched the fingerprint evidence with the correct murder suspect’s fingerprint were awarded with glowsticks. 

“We wanted to do something interactive to bring more attention to our club and demonstrate how cool forensic science is,” said junior Sinduja Bokkism, an officer of Forensic Science Club. 

Indesign Fashion Club officers wore and displayed mannequins with clothing made by club members and Character Design Club face painted attendees and drew their portraits.

In the center of the quad, clubs took turns performing skits and demonstrations. Studio 74 drama club did an improvisation performance with prompts suggested by audience members. One game they played is called Weekend at Bernie’s. In this game, the actors receive a prompt and they act out an improvised scene multiple times, with each subsequent time one more character dying. The remaining actors must manipulate the ‘dead’ bodies and continue acting through the entire scene as if they were ‘alive.’ Martial Arts Club demonstrated two duels showcasing back hand strikes, knife hand strike, jab punch and dodging techniques. The Valkyries dance team kicked off the night with their dance to “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X. 

“It’s really cool how some clubs are performing in the quad, it brings more attention to them and they are also actually really entertaining, especially to watch when we’re waiting in line to get food,” Sophomore Justin Zhang said.   

The event was also convenient for players and spectators from the girls tennis and girls volleyball games to explore after their games ended. Additionally community members who came to explore the event also peeked in the gym to watch the volleyball game. 

The PTSA also brought food trucks on campus to provide refreshments to attendees as they enjoyed the event. They proved to be popular, serving waffles, burgers, sandwiches and Korean, Indian and Mexican-inspired bowls. Lybrook students who were at Night on the Quad to represent their club were given $15 worth of free food from the PTSA which they could spend at any food truck. 

The PTSA hopes that Night on the Quad created a welcoming space for new students and parents to ask questions about Lynbrook’s many activities, become involved with organizations they are interested in and socialize with other members of the Lynbrook community.

“Ultimately night on the quad is for the community,” Chang said. “It’s not just for the students and it’s not just for the parents. Its purpose is to bring the community together, celebrate the different activities offered on campus and get started for the new school year.”