Homecoming: Senior Skit 22-23

Susanna Tang and Catherine Zhou

“Senior year, our million dreams will come true,” Class of 2023 chanted. “It’s been quite a while since we made our debut. But throughout the past four years, we all grew, and now we are ready to pass Lynbrook to you.”

A red sea of cheers flooded the quad as the seniors whisked Lynbrook on a journey through their memories and dreams for their final homecoming. To recover the stolen dream tree, three students solved puzzles with Disney characters, battled virus-infected apps in a virtual world and fought thieving wildcats in the enchanted forest. Although they couldn’t save the dream tree from the flames, they discovered that their dreams were actually stored within their memories; the magic of friendship was all they needed to win the homecoming game.

“Everyone did a great job,” senior and skit head Shyon Ganguly said. “We improvised well through mistakes and we were able to make smooth transitions. The support and spirit also felt very sincere.”

In between the skit, girls dance brought exhilaration to the quad with their spirited performance, boys dance featured unique props and a thrilling football scene and co-ed dazzled the crowd with their intricate choreography.

The seniors then gathered at the center of the stage, performing their class dance to “A Million Dreams” by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. The crowd rose into cheers after the class recited a poem that encapsulated the highlights of their high school journey and encouraged the other classes to follow their dreams. 

“The community and bonding that homecoming fosters makes all the effort and stress we put in worth it,” senior and decorations head Erin Hsu said. “Finding a common ground that all the seniors could work toward really brought us together.