Homecoming: Sophomore Skit 22-23


Meera Nambiar and Eileen Zhu

Today, Lynbrook’s Class of 2025 explored Galaxy’s Edge as they learned the Force, lightsaber-fought and danced for the third day of homecoming.

The skit started with Lynbrook students traveling to the Star Wars Universe, where they met Jedis who taught them to use the Force. Meanwhile, the Woodside Wildcat was conspiring with Darth Vader to defeat Lynbrook. After a climactic lightsaber battle, Lynbrook was victorious and destroyed the portal.

“Especially when we had morning or night practice, the motions with the saber turned on looked absolutely amazing,” sophomore Luthien Wang said. “The part I liked the most about skit was seeing my lightsaber choreography come to life.”

The dances too were filled with energy with complex positioning and flips. Many in the audience cheered on the dancers and sang along with the music. Finally, the whole class came together for a class dance to “Starships,” by Nikki Minaj.

“I think homecoming is all about bonding and getting to know your classmates for more than just academics but truly for who they are,” said Anusha Shringi, a sophomore and one of the skit actors. “It’s about participating and working together to unite and be entertained.”