Lynbrook students showcase their captivating collections


Photos used with permission from Christian Galleta, Thomas Zheng and Maia Bline

Students collect comic books, slime, and Kpop merch.

Anushka Anand, Managing Editor

Thomas Zheng

Slime has fascinated generations across the globe with its sensational appeal to sensory stimulation. For toddlers to seniors, slime is more than just a toy or an internet trend — it’s a community, which inspired senior Thomas Zheng to collect slime. 

As slime started growing in popularity in 2017, Zheng started building his collection by researching different Instagram and social media profiles where millions of users posted videos of themselves making and playing with slime. What began as Zheng’s small interest in collecting two ounce slime bottles has turned into a side business. 

As well as buying from online shops such as Momo Slimes, Zheng also creates his own slime. About 100 different slimes are displayed on his shelf.

“It’s really aesthetic to look at,” Zheng said. “Smelling the different scents and playing with the slime is also a great way to destress.”


Christian Galleta 

With more than 30 Marvel movies and television shows currently airing, there’s no argument that comics have taken center stage in pop culture, inspiring countless box-office hits. For senior Christian Galleta, what started as a binge-watch of Marvel movies turned into a 36-book collection of soft and hard-covered comic books. 

Every time he walks through the glass doors of the Illusive Comics and Games store, Galleta gazes in admiration at the plethora of comic books featuring superheroes like Superman and Galleta’s favorite, Batman. 

“I like the experience of going into a comic book shop,” Galleta said. “It’s kind of like that sensation you get when you are a kid and go to a LEGO store with your dad and walk out with a brand new toy. Here, I get to walk out with my toy, my comic book.”

Each hard-cover comic book costs approximately $25, which is much cheaper than his $100 Infinity Gauntlet keepsake. 

“It’s cool to have comic books.” Galleta said. “I really love the books and collecting means that I can reread the comics whenever I want.”


Maia Bline 


The comfort of music from favorite artists has always been an unwavering source of solace and a safe place for many people. Not only have the soothing tunes served as doses of dopamine, but some fans also gain comfort from collecting merchandise, including senior Maia Bline.

In 2018, Bline joined the BTS fandom. After a shopping spree at Target, Bline realized that K-Pop albums contain photos, posters and other merchandise in addition to unique album cover design. She now has a collection of around 70 albums, each with a value ranging from $20 to $40. 

“While merch like sweaters are really cool, it doesn’t give you the same feeling as getting an album with beautiful covers and playing music.” Bline said.

Bline’s K-Pop collection boasts music from ATS, Dream Catcher, Red Velvet and many more. Her favorite album is “The Rain Day Festival: Day 2,” by Red Velvet, as it has an aesthetic pink cover, with many 80s-themed designs. 

“I think collecting is just a representation of who a person is .” Bline said. “It really shows who they are  and speaks on behalf of their personality.”