Positioned to lead: Class of 2026’s freshman officers

Jason Shan, Web Editor

Photo by Jason Shan
Class of 2026’s new officers pose in front of the gym.

Newly elected officers of the Class of 2026 take the first step in their high school journeys and their leadership roles. Braving a new school environment, President Amy Tang, Vice Presidents Vihaan Patel and Juno Hong, Secretary Chloe Chung and Treasurer Avril Chin are excited to discover Lynbrook traditions with the rest of the freshmen while raising their class up through events, spirit and unity.


Photo by Jason Shan

Amy Tang, President

“I’ve enjoyed working to improve our class, just hosting fun events for people to enjoy and helping to lead our class. With our first year in high school, I hope to be able to start it strong and build the spirit of the entire class of 2026.”





Photo by Jason Shan

Vihaan Patel, Vice President

I ran for office because I knew that I had the experience to lead and make this year fun for both the freshman class and for myself.”









Photo by Jason Shan

Juno Hong, Vice President

“I hope that this year’s freshmen are going to have the best freshman year they can possibly have and I want to make the transition from middle school to high school easier and more fun.”









Photo by Jason Shan

Chloe Chung, Secretary

“For this upcoming year, I hope to be able to promote class spirit and encourage more people to come out to rallies and really just get involved.”









Photo by Jason Shan

Avril Chin, Treasurer

“One of my main goals as treasurer is to make sure our class has enough funds in order to host fun, social events, all while incorporating input from our class to make these events more enjoyable.”