Class of 2023 Senior Sunrise

Susanna Tang, Editor-in-Chief

On the morning of Friday, Aug. 26, the Class of 2023 arrived at school in their red senior shirts two hours earlier than the usual 8:30 start time for the annual Senior Sunrise — a tradition in which seniors watch the sunrise together in the beginning of their senior year and watch the sunset together before graduation. Scattered across the football field, groups of friends engaged in various activities while huddling together on blankets and enjoying breakfast prepared by the senior class officers. 

“Even though the sky was quite cloudy, the essence of the event — a close-knit class gathering to spend the start of their final high school year together — was still there,” Senior Class President Emma Tu said. “The atmosphere felt super cozy and seeing everyone in their senior shirts made me think about how far we’ve come as a class. The sea of red senior shirts against the green turf of the football field was definitely the highlight of Senior Sunrise for me.”