Avengers Infinity War Trailer: Everything You Need To Know


Medha Upadhyay, Features Editor




Unless you live under a rock, or even if you do, you’ve probably heard of the Avengers Infinity War Trailer. Marvel Studios released the trailer on Wednesday, November 29. The video quickly shot to number one on YouTube and has amassed over 230 million views in just 24 hours.

Right off the bat, one startling element of the Avengers Infinity war trailer is its humor; or lack thereof. Marvel movies have always been known for their lighthearted moments. Comic relief is completely absent from this trailer, hinting at a much darker tone, and somber mood.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up to Avengers Infinity War for years now. The main plot of this movie is that the villain Thanos wishes to collect all six infinity stones in order to rule the galaxy. When all six stones are brought together, they will give Thanos unprecedented power.

The first Infinity stone is the Space stone, which was shown in The Avengers as the Tesseract. Loki’s attempts to steal the Tesseract were eventually foiled, and Thor took the Tesseract to Asgard with him.

The next infinity stone is the mind stone, which was shown in Loki’s scepter during the Avengers as well. This infinity stone was given to Tony Stark. Experimentation on the stone eventually led to the creation of Vision.

The next stone is the power stone. It was shown during The Guardians of the Galaxy and is currently with the NovaCorps, an intergalactic military and police force. The power stone is stored on the planet Xandar.

Next is the reality stone, which is currently with the Collector, on Knowhere, which is a huge decapitated alien head floating in space.

The Time stone was shown in Doctor Strange and is embedded in the Eye of Agamotto. The Eye of Agamotto was used by Doctor Strange in his battle against Dormammu.

The last stone is the soul stone, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. From the Infinity war trailer, it can be theorized that the soul stone is with the Black Panther in Wakanda, due to Wakanda’s heavy involvement in the trailer.

Avengers Infinity War also marks the Avengers’ debut of some new Marvel superheroes. One of them is the Black Panther, whose stand-alone movie will be the only Marvel movie releasing between now and Infinity War. Another is Spider-Man, Who has already appeared in Captain America: Civil War, and in Spider-Man Homecoming. He is also the youngest member of the Avengers’ team. At only fifteen years old, he is a sophomore in high school.

Another new face is doctor strange, who is shown alongside his companion dr.wong.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, who were teased at the very end of the Infinity War trailer, are all set to join the Avengers as well.

The suspense for Avengers Infinity War is building rapidly. But until May fourth, we can only theorize about what might happen, and which heroes will make it out alive.