Scooping up gelato in the Bay Area


A graphic illustration of gelato.

Samiya Anwar, Staffer

Dolce Spazio Gelato:

Located in quaint Downtown Los Gatos, Dolce Spazio Gelato was a little too cozy — the tiny shop was cramped even though there were only a few people in line. I settled on the flavor “Oregasmic”, an Oreo flavored gelato. It tasted like cheap ice cream, indistinguishable from a gallon of Cookies and Cream ice cream from a local Safeway, a far better alternative to the twenty minute drive to Los Gatos where parking is extremely limited. The gelato was neither creamy nor smooth, and the Oreos made it sickly sweet. Rating: 3/10

Gelato from Dolce Spazio Gelato. Graphic illustration by Katie Chin. (Samiya Anwar (she/her))

Snake & Butterfly 

Located in Downtown Campbell, Snake & Butterfly is a chocolate shop which does not specialize in gelato. A worker recommended the blueberry gelato, a flavor I found refreshing and perfect for summertime. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and I could taste the fresh blueberries used in the recipe. The serving size was small and the gelato could have been creamier, but the flavor of the gelato was worth it. While it didn’t blow my mind, the shop is still high on my list. Rating: 6/10

Gelato from Snake & Butterfly. Graphic illustration by Katie Chin (Samiya Anwar (she/her)

Gelateria Bella Roma 

Gelateria Bella Roma is located on Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale. The shop has an extremely wide selection of flavors, from Lychee to Hazelnut. The owner of the shop recommended the Tiramisu, and it did not disappoint. The gelato was exceptionally authentic — both silky smooth and creamy. The Tiramisu was delicious, and the bitterness of the coffee perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the gelato. Rating: 8/10

Gelato from Gelateria Bella Roma.
Graphic illustration by Katie Chin.
(Samiya Anwar (she/her))

Gelato Classico:

Gelato Classico Italian Ice Cream, located in Downtown Mountain View, served up by far the best gelato I’ve had to this day. The shop is easily found due to its colorful neon sign, which creates a bright ambience. Plastered on the wall are the numerous awards the shop holds, including Best of Mountain View 2019, enticing local and international customers. Boasting an impressive number of flavors, it was honestly so difficult to choose one. I settled on dark chocolate, where I encountered a plethora of flavors. Upon the first lick, I felt as if I was Augustus Gloop drowning in a chocolate lake at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This gelato was a spiritual experience and I will dream about it for nights to come. Rating 10/10

Gelato from Gelato Classico Italian Ice Cream. Graphic illustration by Katie Chin.
(Samiya Anwar (she/her))