Graham Clark appointed as new Superintendent


Anirudh Seshadri, Managing Editor

Following an extensive four-month-long search, the FUHSD Board of Trustees appointed Graham Clark as the next Superintendent at the District Board Meeting on May 3, effective July 1. 

Clark’s goals are to build a solid relationship with teacher bargaining groups, maintain high schools in the district, lead more projects such as the 1:1 technology device program and establish a greater connection with the Cupertino Union and Sunnyvale school districts. 

“Clark is really wonderful about making sure he includes student voices, and I find his work very impressive,” current Superintendent Polly Bove said. “He thinks long term and wants FUHSD to continue to grow.” 

Clark began his journey at FUHSD as a math teacher at Fremont High School in 1997. He then became an assistant principal of Cupertino High School and later transferred to be an assistant principal at Fremont High School. In February of 2003, he was mobilized with the National Guard and in Iraq for nearly a year and became the principal at Homestead High School. In 2013, he became an Associate Superintendent at the district office which led him to become the Deputy Superintendent in 2022. 

 His 25 years of experience at FUHSD will inform his leadership efforts in continuing the work of the district. FUHSD’s current efforts — including strengthening connections with other districts, focusing on student mental health and bringing equity — will help him extrapolate plans for additional action and mitigate other serious issues such as declining enrollment.

Clark will also work to abide by the areas of emphasis provided by the Board: bring equity and support to LGBTQ+ community members, create a passionate team of support to propose innovative ideas, improve mental health awareness and support a strong Board of Trustees that meets the needs of the FUHSD community. 

“There is a new state requirement for a course named ‘Ethnic Studies,’ which we are working on developing a curriculum for,” Clark said. “It gets right at our equity goal.”

At the district office, Clark has been working on human resources, contract negotiations and technology. As a teacher who taught keyboarding, hosted computer labs and was involved with the FUHSD’s 1:1 technology device management program, Clark plans to continue the program and further implement better measures to maintain the system. 

“COVID-19 was difficult, but for the first time, we could verify that every student had access to technology,” Clark said. “The idea and expectation is that everybody will have a computer or Chromebook, and they’ll not be excluded.”

In addition to the device management program, Clark also plans to enrich the robotics program and give them a more prominent space in FUHSD through a district-wide robotics center. The center would increase the time efficiency by preparing equipment for students to practice with and provide a more competitive practice environment where all five schools can compete to mimic real tournaments.

Adapting to the new change, the Board will help Clark settle in and discuss his goals before he becomes the Superintendent in July. His immense dedication and passion for his work will serve him well in his future years as the Superintendent.