A look at unique student jobs

Diana Xu, Managing Editor

Austin Wang

My favorite part of my job is when my boss hands me my paycheck every two weeks and I think about all the food I can buy with my own money.

I chose to work at QQQ because I used to buy their boba and popcorn chicken when I was a child. The workers were also always really friendly and I wanted to work in that environment.

Someone came and ordered 50 drinks and 50 popcorn chickens! We had to ask three other workers to come help make everything. It was really time consuming and it was difficult to take individual orders at the same time.




Amy Nishijima

My favorite part of the job is when little kids come in to buy ballet and tap shoes because they’re always so cute. This kind of sale is also the easiest for me because it is one of the most common things people ask for.

I wanted to work here specifically because I knew I wanted to earn money and I’ve been shopping at this store since I was little so I knew it would be a fun place to work at.

I was helping one girl find shoes and suddenly, there was one more customer that wanted to purchase shoes too. Then there was another customer looking for leotards and another who wanted to make a return. I’ve never dealt with so many customers at the same time.






Katherine Li

My favorite part of my job is definitely the part where parents offer me leftover cake and pizza. But at the same time, it’s also my least favorite because I eat too much junk food.

I chose to work at this place because my two other friends also worked there and I thought it would be really fun to work together.

One time, I had to work a parent survival night. Some of the kids needed to use the bathroom so I waited for them outside. After a long time, I heard a lot of yelling, talking and screaming. I was really curious as to what they were doing in there.