The smile behind the ASB Office: Financial Specialist Judy Boehm

Get to know Ms. Boehm, Lynbrook’s financial specialist of more than 16 years.


Ashley Song, Design Editor

Although ‘easy’ is a subjective term, most students will agree that high school is not easy. From signing up for PSATs to planning budgets for prom, students’ schedules are always packed. But what goes on behind the scenes? Who watches all the money for ASB or clears delinquencies for students who want a yearbook? The answer is Lynbrook’s student financial specialist, Judy Boehm.

Any funds that come into the ASB, which involve clubs, ID cards, yearbooks, etc. come into Boehm’s office. It is her job not only to take the money in, but to also distribute money based on check requests. In addition to taking care of checks, she also creates budgets for classes, clubs, and other groups so that the students know what they should expect to get in and what they should expect to go out.

This involves a lot of paperwork and although sometimes it may seem like a hassle to walk from your lunch spot to the quad to register for AP exams or buy prom tickets, Boehm’s job covers all the actual work including putting names into the system, documenting checks, overseeing prom budgets and so much more.

“By all means I am a student resource,” said Boehm. “If [students] don’t know how to handle their money, then I can sit down and talk with them. One of the major things that they don’t understand, because they’ve never done it before is that there has to be a paper trail. That is part of the education process and in that sense I consider myself a resource to help them figure how to do it.”

Of course, these events do not all happen at once, which results in varied schedules or routines.

“In the spring, it is a lot of activity with AP exams because I register all the students for AP exams,” said Boehm. “Another part of my job is to help get transportation lined up for the different sports teams and for the proms.”

She has been working at Lynbrook for 16.5 years. Before that, she worked at a printing company.

“My own children went to Lynbrook, so before I came on the staff, I was a parent, and was active in the activities that my own children were in,” said Boehm. “I was in the last month of a job which I had before for a printing company when [Lynbrook] called me and asked me if I’d be interested [in becoming the student financial specialist]. Lynbrook was my second home so of course I was interested. I asked them what it entailed and I knew a little bit, but not a lot. I had done some bookkeeping at my prior job so I thought, ‘Well, I’ll give it a whirl.’”

Upon first entering her office, students often immediately notice the music. With soft-rock music always playing in her office, the mood is light and happy. Spread throughout the room are heartfelt banners from students, various awards, and nostalgic photos. Organized stacks of paperwork sit on her desk ready to be filed and sorted through.

Lynbrook students have only kind things to say about Boehm, describing her as a warm, thoughtful character.

“She always does [her job] with a smile on her face. She always comes into the room and everyone just lights up. Sometimes when we play music in the den, she comes out of her office and does little dance moves,” Saif Kausar, senior class president said.

Boehm is always welcome to students, whether they are coming in to ask questions, be directed somewhere else, or register for an event.

“She’s very friendly, so if you need anything you never have to feel scared or worried about asking her. She’s always there to help. She’s super sweet and always there,” said Lillian Chen, ASB president.

When speaking about the students and her past interactions with them, she hardly has any criticism, and she cannot wait for her coming years at Lynbrook.

“My gosh, the students are delightful,” said Boehm, “Very few times have I had difficulty with interactions with students. I would hope that they understand that they can come if they have an issue. I think it’s just a delightful place to be.”