Tom Brady retires after 22 seasons, leaves lasting impact

Crystal Qian, Copy Editor

“When I suck, I’ll retire.” A promise from Tom Brady amid retirement rumors in 2014. A promise that he was too good to keep.

Eight years later, the greatest of all time hung up his cleats following a near-MVP season, leading the league in passing yards, touchdowns and completions. He certainly didn’t suck — he defeated Father Time, unparalleled legacy intact. From sixth-round draft pick to seven-time Super Bowl champion, Brady’s 22-year career is the epitome of a poetic underdog tale. Departing the gridiron at 44 years old, he has altered the landscape of professional football and impacted fans alike.

“The mentality he brought to the field is what makes him someone a lot of people look up to. He taught me a lot — not just about football but also about perseverance, hard work and sacrifice.” — Shaheer Mohamed, senior

“Tom Brady has definitely changed a lot about football. He made every team he played with win Super Bowls and overall made a major impact on the NFL.” — Deniz Genc, freshman

“Tom Brady is the undisputed GOAT. He’s definitely had his fair share of Ws, and I think he’s had a spectacular career. I really wished he played longer!” — Akshat Dhingra, junior

“I’ve admired Tom Brady and his greatness. From a sixth-round pick to one of the best athletes of all time, he showed how consistently backing yourself in life can really go a long way.” — Arnav Dixit, senior

Graphic illustration by Crystal Qian