Lynbrook’s librarians


Photo by Audrey Sun

Shelving books, checking out devices and providing research resources are all daily responsibilities of Lynbrook librarians Susan Lucas and Amy Ashworth.

Audrey Sun, Staffer

Shelving books, checking out devices and providing research resources are all daily responsibilities of Lynbrook librarians Susan Lucas and Amy Ashworth. For Lucas and Ashworth, respectively, being a graphic designer and getting a master’s degree in French have paved the way for them to pursue their career as librarians. 


Amy Ashworth: Library media teacher

Before becoming a library media teacher, Ashworth was a library media specialist, performing clerical and technical duties in the library. These included providing technical support, assisting library users and working with students. While earning her master’s degree in French and raising her children, she needed a part-time job to pay for her master’s program. In 2018, Ashworth’s sister recommended her for a job opening at Lynbrook because Ashworth was already credentialed, and Ashworth accepted the offer. 

“I love working in high schools,” Ashworth said. “I love the age group because they’re all mature enough to function well.”

Ashworth’s flexible work schedule allows her to work at her own pace. Her responsibilities include shelving books, publicizing library events, providing teachers with research resources and working with the technology team to update and distribute new technology at Lynbrook.

Ashworth is also the adviser of the Students for Literacy club, which recently planned its December book match. 

“Matching takes time, so I read a lot of young adult fiction [to] be a good reader advisory librarian,” Ashworth said. “It also takes time if a person has lots of specific preferences, but it’s a challenge I don’t mind. It’s fun.”

Ashworth’s role has helped develop the library, her love for books and her relationships with students on campus.


Ms. Lucas: Library media specialist 

When Lucas was growing up, her mother took her to the Saratoga Library every week. After a few years, it became a habit for her, and she grew comfortable with the library’s environment. 

“Anytime I go into the library, I feel very peaceful and calm, but at the same time, excited about the possibilities of reading everything around me,” Lucas said. 

After Lucas graduated college, she became a graphic designer. 

“When I was doing graphic design, it was like matching people to designs, which I enjoyed,” Lucas said. “Similarly, being a librarian allows me to match people to books and predict what they might like or what they might find interesting.”

Before coming to Lynbrook, Lucas was a librarian at her daughter’s elementary school. She volunteered at the school library to closely monitor and take care of her son with special needs. At the time, volunteering in the library was the only job that allowed Lucas to be at the school weekly.  

“I started volunteering every week for a few years and really enjoyed helping and spending time with the students in the library,” Lucas said. “I felt like I could be involved.”

Lucas continued volunteering in her daughter’s class, and soon after, her daughter’s school offered her a position as a librarian. As Lucas’s children grew older, she moved on to working in high school libraries. In 2018, Lucas started working as a librarian media specialist at Lynbrook and has enjoyed her experience so far. 

“Lynbrook students are not only studious but [also] conscientious,” Lucas said. “I’m really impressed with how engaged and interested Lynbrook students are in the learning process.”