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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Officers of Students for Literacy, a club that encourages interest in literature, promotes their organization to attract new members. Photos used with permission from Ella Yuan and Anish Lakkapragada

Technology and literature clubs merge to join common interests

Rohan Kakhandiki, Staffer April 1, 2024

What you need to know: Due to issues in attendance and content, two pairs of clubs have decided to merge Web development and mobile development merged due to the two having similar content...

Technology is taking center stage in how athletes experience sports.

Game-Changer: Sports Technology

Daeun Chung and Erin Fitzpatrick December 11, 2023

Sports Technology is shaping how athletes train and compete, revolutionizing the way they play sports.  Sports Technology covers everything from phasing out referees to the improvement of gear.  ...

Samir Mehra spends hours on Blender to create colorful, intricate animations.

Samir Mehra blends art and technology

Maple Leung, Staffer April 10, 2023

Colors swirl across the screen as junior Samir Mehra finishes his sixth hour on Blender, forming intricate animations, whether they be pieces of work that detail the impacts behind social media use or...

Senior William Xu and junior Krish Agarwal build their own PCs.

Students build custom digital experiences with self-built PCs

Chelsea Lee, Design Editor April 10, 2023

The gaming community has popularized self-building PCs in recent years, and senior William Xu and junior Krish Agarwal are two of many Lynbrook students who have joined the trend as a way to enhance their...

Apple sitting on top of a pile of discarded electronics, as consumers drone mindlessly towards the Apple Store to buy the latest new shiny IPhone and discard the old.

Pushing back on planned obsolescence

Calvin Zhou, Staffer October 10, 2022

Whenever a new iPhone comes out, Instagram feeds are flooded with “Holding my new baby” posts. For some, upgrading to the newest version is like gifting themselves a new toy. However, a growing portion...

Toan Phuong and Allen Chan are the backbone behind Lynbrook’s technology-based learning environment.

Phuong and Chan keep campus technology running

Sophie Au, Design Editor November 9, 2021

From setting up computers to managing the school Wi-Fi to fixing projectors in classrooms, Lynbrook’s network and computer support specialists Toan Phuong and Allen Chan do it all. Even though students...

Facebook, now renamed Meta, has controlled many sibling companies that it has bought over the years.

One company to rule them all

Myles Kim, Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2021

Facebook’s global outage on Oct. 4 lasted for seven hours and left billions who rely on the app and its subsidiaries for digital communication stranded. This put the company’s unethical, continued...