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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with a deeper complexity when viewed through different cultures and religions, adding nuance to the idea of female liberation.

Perceptions of feminism across the board

Qianzi Loo and Meadow Shen November 6, 2023

Western ideals of feminism emphasize independent women who reject patriarchy and advocate for educational and occupational equality. Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with...

Passing down culture from generation to generation

Passing down culture

Tanika Anbu, Staffer June 2, 2023

Religion, superstition and culture have been passed down for ages, continuing to influence and impact each new generation, furthering the connection between people and their histories. Blood doesn’t...

Cultural sports: where history engages with athleticism

Cultural sports: where history engages with athleticism

Inaaya Yousuf, Staffer June 2, 2023

All around the world, participating in sports can create lasting, meaningful and impactful bonds between people of different creeds, ethnicities and cultures. While many people are aware of popular sports...

Indian classical dancer Mithbaokar performs for her graduation concert.

Exploring cultural background through Indian Classical Dance

Sophie Au, Design Editor November 7, 2022

The rhythmic beat of the tabla, rings of the sitar and melody of a harmonium starts a dancer’s varnam. The story of Hindu gods unfolds with intricate footwork and distinct hand gestures symbolizing concepts...

Kalyanasundaram performs stand-up comedy.

Vishal Kalyanasundaram in “Indian Matchmaking”

Vidushi Upadhyay, Staffer November 7, 2022

Fans are enamored by the drama that unfolds on Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking” as Vishal Kalyanasundaram rises from his seat and leaves the restaurant table, much to the shock of reality TV star Nadia...

Superstitions are practiced as a way of carrying on traditions and preserving culture.

The cultural diversity of superstitions

Timothy Kim, Copy Editor May 3, 2022

Although some may think of superstitions as far-fetched beliefs that hold little significance, they are still practiced as a way of carrying on traditions and preserving culture. Superstitions, practices...

 I’ve long since evolved from the girl watching dramas 24/7, but I’m glad I encountered this hobby and further developed my understanding of my culture.

Embracing my culture through Chinese dramas

Sharlene Chen, Design Editor February 1, 2022

A stereotypical binge-watcher, I once watched an entire TV show during finals week. Unlike most other spree-watchers, I spent my hours on a Chinese drama.  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment Chinese...

Sanskriti performers show off traditional South Asian songs and dances.

Sanskriti celebrates South Asian culture

Amishi Chandra, Staffer December 7, 2021

For the first time ever, the American Indo Student Association hosted Sanskriti, a showcase dedicated to classical South Asian art forms such as carnatic music, bharatanatyam and kathak. Held on Nov. 19...

Students decorate sugar skulls during the Spanish and Culinary Arts classes collaboration.

Culinary and Spanish classes celebrate Day of the Dead

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager November 9, 2021

Culinary and Spanish classes celebrated the Day of the Dead by decorating calaveras, edible skulls created from sugar, led by Spanish teacher Michael Esquivel and culinary arts teacher Megan Miller. Dia...

Parenting with filial piety lies on a spectrum and varies from one family to the next; it has not been definitively proven to have a positive or negative effect on children. However, experts say balancing both philosophies, authoritarian and respectful obedience methods, is crucial for successful parenting.

Exploring filial piety in Asian cultures

Shamita Gurusu and Lillian Fu October 7, 2020

Commonly practiced in Asian families, filial piety consists of the virtues of respect, obedience and supportive care given to one’s ancestors and elder family members. It provides a basic structure for...

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