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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with a deeper complexity when viewed through different cultures and religions, adding nuance to the idea of female liberation.

Perceptions of feminism across the board

Qianzi Loo and Meadow Shen November 6, 2023

Western ideals of feminism emphasize independent women who reject patriarchy and advocate for educational and occupational equality. Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with...

An invisible crisis accumulates within pockets of poverty: a growing number of citizens in the country face illiteracy. Data from

The silent epidemic of falling literacy rates

Charlotte Bolay and Eileen Zhu November 6, 2023

A common memory for many individuals is learning the alphabet in kindergarten — starting with a foundation of 26 letters, students eventually grow their knowledge by reading books and writing. However,...

The social expectation of a nuclear family assumes the woman the burden of carrying most of the family burden on top of their career ambitions.

Nuclear family: An outdated social construct

Emily Pedroza and Taek Kim October 10, 2023

The nuclear family, a term coined by anthropologist and ethnologist Bronisław Malinowski in 1949 and popularized during the Cold War, is regarded as the quintessential form of family structure by sociologists,...

The BARTs new trains have replaced their old fleets of Legacy trains.

BART: The Bay’s Aging Railway Transit

Meadow Shen and Vidushi Upadhyay October 10, 2023

Recent debate over budget proposals to fund The Bay Area Rapid Transit system and to replace legacy trains with new cars have turned public attention back onto this transportation network. Considering...

While a common symbol associated with autism is the puzzle piece, the community has widely shunned  the symbol because of the negative connotations associated with it. The symbol of the butterfly quickly replaced the puzzle piece, representing change and acceptance. It also symbolizes how the autistic community leads fulfilled  lives. Furthermore, the rainbow butterfly is also associated with ADHD, derived from the neurodivergent rainbow infinity. The rainbow infinity symbol advocates for the diversity of human brains as shown through the spectrum of colors with infinite variations and possibilities.

Navigating Lynbrook’s neurodiversity

Daeun Chung and Alyssa Wang October 10, 2023

Neurodiversity encompasses the variation in neurological traits among humans — from thinking and learning to behavior — when interacting with the world. The term is often used to describe individuals...

Sexual assault survivors can often feel invisible in the midst of everyone elses lives.

Confronting the silence surrounding sexual assault

Anushka Anand, Managing Editor October 10, 2023

This story contains references to content that may be difficult for those who have experienced trauma or are sensitive to topics concerning sexual violence and assault. *Names changed for privacy In...

Chemicals released into the ecosystem affecting marine life.

Sunscreen’s effects from beach to bleach

Ashley Huang and Lilly Wu June 2, 2023

Despite its obvious benefits in preventing sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging, modern sunscreen is often released into marine ecosystems, where it can take a detrimental toll on marine life. Oxybenzone...

Passing down culture from generation to generation

Passing down culture

Tanika Anbu, Staffer June 2, 2023

Religion, superstition and culture have been passed down for ages, continuing to influence and impact each new generation, furthering the connection between people and their histories. Blood doesn’t...

To conform with warping beauty standards and societal norms, youth fall into a spiral of lightening products.

Colorist beauty standards create shadows of self

Apurva Krishnamurthy and Emily Pedroza June 2, 2023

In 2022, the global market of the skin-lightening industry had an estimated value of $8.8 billion. Through incessant advertising and marketing, beauty consciousness has skyrocketed across communities of...

Binge-watching, or the act of watching multiple episodes or an entire season of a show in one sitting, has gained immense popularity in past years. Currently, around 70% of Americans say they binge-watch television shows.

Addicted to the art of binge-watching

Inaaya Yousuf and Vidushi Upadhyay May 8, 2023

Sitting with laptop in hand and schoolbooks scattered about, the tedium of studying sets in and the allure of a brightly-lit screen and a beckoning Netflix tab eventually proves too strong to resist. Binge-watching,...

To create a more accepting community, respecting the needs of people with SAD can go a long way.

Feeling SAD? Blame the weather

Chelsea Lee, Design Editor May 8, 2023

Many people breathe a sigh of relief when the weather warms up and starts to feel like spring, but it may not bring as much relief to others. Illuminated on social media as “seasonal depression” and...

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Apurva Krishnamurthy and Anushka Anand May 8, 2023

As English continues to globalize and be prioritized over other languages, language isolates are left behind. Many communities lose a part of their culture as younger generations forfeit a link to their...

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