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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Cookies allow users a personalized experience, where they are presented with personalized advertisements or content based on their browsing history. These ads often create a feeling of being watched by discreetly collecting user data.

How website designs manipulate user behavior

Sarah Zhang and Deeksha Raj March 11, 2024

People often navigate websites and applications seamlessly, unaware of the subtle tactics employed by website makers to influence user decisions. They enter the world of “dark patterns” — a term...

Freshmen and Sophomores battle in the first ever Underclassmen Showdown

Lilly Wu and Rohan Kakhandiki March 11, 2024

the Epic staffers Lilly Wu and Rohan Kakhandiki follow Lynbrook’s first ever Underclassmen Showdown. With two spirit days, two activity days and a rally on Friday, the freshmen and sophomores battle...

Recent school, community, national and international news.
Photo used with permission from Amy Liu, Freepik, Pexels and AP News.

Campus, community and world events

Alexandra Wu, Staffer March 11, 2024

What you need to know: Culinary students will be eligible to participate in FBLA and DECA starting next semester. The Odysseus Moon lander landed and died out, but was able to provide scientific...

Through the lessons that her grandfather taught her while walking with her to school, Daeun developed a passion for math and incorporated her grandfathers teachings when tutoring her own students.

What mentorship means to me

Daeun Chung, Web Editor March 11, 2024

I remember the mornings of my childhood vividly — the cold breeze, the scent of freshly cut grass, the melody of birds singing in the distance and the anticipation of another day at school. But what...

Hong hopes to breathe new life into these artifacts and preserve their historic significance in his collection of militaria, or military memorabilia.

A blast to the past with Steven Hong

Robert Yu, Staffer March 11, 2024

With an ever-developing collection of olive-drab helmets and vintage water canteens, sophomore Steven Hong found himself in a heart-pounding race against time. As the seconds ticked away, Steven watched...

Excessive plastic waste imbues food with microplastics, evidenced by poor packaging leaking microplastics into groceries and trace microplastics appearing in mass-produced goods.

Microplastics and its invisible inevitability

Riki Murase and Gary Pan March 11, 2024

Invisible to the naked eye, a silent predator tenaciously stalks our environment — it claims an immeasurably vast territory, encompassing the depths of our oceans, the expanses of our sprawling landfills...

While modern sentiments of these Black History Month and Womens History Month carry a similar message as intended in the 1900s, the traditions have developed widely since through a series of initiatives.

The evolution of Black History Month and Women’s History Month

Eileen Zhu and Alyssa Wang March 11, 2024

During February and March, respectively, it is a renowned tradition to recognize and celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month. While modern sentiments of these celebratory months carry...

New Consumer Design Club, Magic Club, Ravens and Taiwanese American Student Assosiation spark new diverse spaces.

Five new clubs provide diverse perspectives to campus

Chelsea Lee and Katie Chin March 11, 2024

Consumer Design Club “I got the idea for this club over the summer when I was thinking about one of my old hobbies — drawing cars — and I really liked that,” junior and President Hao Gu...

In the Bay Area, families who make up the middle income earn anywhere from $77k and $232K annually.

Bay area observes a vanishing middle class

David Zhu and Apurva Krishnamurthy March 11, 2024

White picket fences, suburban homes and a nuclear family unit — the traditional image of middle-class America. Not only is this image not representative of all middle-class Americans, but the comfortable...

Four map scenarios have been drafted and are currently available to be voted on. The Board will use the community input to finalize the official Trustee Area Map for the November Elections.  
Photos used with permission from FUHSD CTAD and District Staff.

Board and Committee make progress towards trustee area map

Amanda Jin, Staffer March 11, 2024

What you need to know: The FUHSD District is going through the transition from At-Large Elections to By-Trustee Area elections which needs new map borders to be drawn. The CTAD Committee and...

With the new bill, schools can no longer enact expulsions or suspensions for acts of willful defiance.

New law protects students from defiance expulsions

Charlotte Bolay, Staffer March 11, 2024

While expulsions and suspensions in schools can be necessary for maintaining a safe school environment and eliminating violence or dangerous behavior, the current criteria for a student being expelled...

Though its presence may seem largely invisible, the organization’s impact on the local Ethiopian community, fueled by its devoted volunteers, is undeniable.

Rainbow Park center supports Ethiopian community

Olivia Yuan, Staffer March 11, 2024

Across the street from Lynbrook’s main office, nestled among the trees in Rainbow Park is a building that many students see daily but may be unable to name. It’s the headquarters of Ethiopian Community...