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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Although engaging with extreme sports can be very immersive and enjoyable, it is necessary to properly assess the precautions needed.

A call for responsible practices in extreme sports

Amanda Jin, Staffer February 12, 2024

Diving off planes, exploring deep seas, cycling through dense forests — thrilling adventures that only a few have the confidence to try. Although engaging with extreme sports can be very immersive and...

The meaning of new trends like girl math and girl dinner have been misinterpreted on social media.

Girl math adds up, but the hate does not

Vidushi Upadhyay, Staffer February 12, 2024

Girl math and girl dinner are the most recent additions to the “season of girlhood” on social media. Spiking in popularity with the release of the “Barbie” movie in the summer of 2023, these concepts...

From Chicago Rummy to Final Fantasy XIV, students and teachers reflect on how their experiences with games have been impactful in creating meaningful memories.

Game memories, since 1965

Daeun Chung and Olivia Yuan February 12, 2024

With a variety of formats, designs and themes, games hold the power to define and connect the chapters of countless lives. From Chicago Rummy to “Final Fantasy XIV,” students and teachers reflect on...

Public Art Club officers and members work on their mural on Jan. 21. Photo used with permission from Judy Schulze.

Upcoming mural by public art club beautifies campus

Lilly Wu, Opinion Editor February 12, 2024

What you need to know: The Public Art Club is painting a mural on the large metal storage container in the art wing Officers and members have been working on the mural during lunch and tutorial,...

Recent public controversy surrounding the legacy of De Anza College’s namesake has sparked debate over whether a new name is necessary.

Renaming De Anza College respects history

Alex Cotterel, Staffer February 12, 2024

Recently, a movement within the De Anza College community has placed pressure on the college to change its name honoring Juan Bautista de Anza. The controversy surrounds De Anza’s role in the 18th century...

The issue of gender bias in the gaming industry and community lies in the ignorance of harassment, as people insist that their comments are just jokes, turning the responsibility of female gamers if they feel offended, humiliated, or undermined.

The warped world of gender in gaming

Qianzi Loo and Meadow Shen February 12, 2024

“Oh, you’re a girl?!” “But wait, you’re too good to be a girl gamer.”  Over time, these deprecating remarks have become running jokes. Still, they serve as reminders of the bias that exists...

Senior Maggie Lam shoots a layup during a home game against Monta Vista High School. Used with permission from Austin Wu.

Maggie Lam reaches 1000th basketball career point milestone

Audrey Sun, Staffer February 12, 2024

Amid the energetic cheers from the crowd reverberating through the gym, senior and girls varsity basketball captain Maggie Lam makes her 3-point shot, marking a significant milestone in her career by scoring...

The gender-neutral private changing rooms will be in a storage room next to the girls locker room.

Administration to install new gender-neutral changing rooms

Charlotte Bolay, Staffer February 12, 2024

What you need to know:  Administration is installing gender neutral changing rooms and lockers The changing rooms will be built in a room currently used for storage next to the girls locker...

Senior Aakash Ozarker steadily deadlifts in the gym. Used with permission from Aakash Ozarker.

Powerlifting builds strength and character for Aakash Ozarker

Claire Guo, Staffer February 12, 2024

Senior Aakash Ozarker chalks his hands as he readies himself for a deadlift. The bright lights of the college gymnasium strike his eyes, and he breathes in, then out. Muttering encouragement under his...

Books within the high school curriculum that contain serious topics have sparked controversy.

Students should expand literary horizons

Eileen Zhu, In-Depth Editor February 12, 2024

At the center of our English classrooms, discussions weave around the students’ collective experiences reading literature, which brings about new perspectives and conversations. In recent years, some...

From left to right, top to bottom, the candidates competing in the District 16 election are Sam Liccardo, Joe Simitian, Evan Low, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Ahmed Mostafa, Peter Dixon, Peter Ohtaki, Rishi Kumar, Joby Bernstein, Greg Tanaka and Karl Ryan (no photo available). Used with permission from Ahmed Mostafa and Joby Bernstein or from public domain.

Candidates compete in District 16 election to replace Rep. Anna Eshoo

Surya Saraf, Copy Editor February 12, 2024

What you need to know:  Eleven congressional candidates, nine democrats and two republicans, are campaigning for the District 16 primary election on March 5 Incumbent Rep. Anna Eshoo is...

After a decade of waiting, ‘Percy Jackson’ fans are overjoyed to receive a long-deserved adaptation that lives up to the books.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians show steals hearts of fans

Vidushi Upadhyay, Staffer February 12, 2024

After a decade of waiting, ‘Percy Jackson’ fans are overjoyed to receive a long-deserved adaptation that lives up to the books. Although the Disney Plus show is quite different from the original book...