Lynbrook celebrates Spirit Week and rally

August 26, 2017

Pajamas. Formal clothes. A rally to welcome students back to school.

For the second week of school, ASB hosted Spirit Week to foster a fun environment that allowed students to share memories with their friends and class. From Monday Aug. 21 to Thursday Aug. 24, students were encouraged to dress according to a different theme each day. Friday Aug. 25 marked the first rally of the 2017-2018 school year and the first ever rally for the Class of 2021.

“Spirit week is a great way to show how much you care about your school, your class, your classmates and your teachers,” said senior Agrima Sharma, an ASB spirit commissioner. “We wanted to remind everyone how fun Lynbrook is and show freshmen that they can really enjoy themselves here.”

Monday Aug. 21: Pajama Day

Left Photo: Seniors Vedika Shenoy (left) and Arthur Zhang (right) pose in their pajamas. Photo used with permission from Arthur Zhang. Right Photo: Librarians Amy Ashworth and Tonya Robertson lounge in their pajamas while reading. Photo used with permission from Yuehho Lin and Amy Ashworth.

Tuesday Aug. 22: Band/Artist Day

Biology and STEM teacher Isaac Pallone sports a Taylor Swift shirt for band/artist day. While students walked into his classroom, he played music by Taylor Swift. Pallone was also awarded the Most Spirited Staff member of the week during the rally.

Left Photo: Freshman Natalie Taylor poses in a Twenty One Pilots t-shirt. Right Photo: Juniors Ashley Gong (left) and Doris Wei (right) show off shirts they made featuring K-pop star G-Dragon.

Wednesday Aug. 23: Formal Day

Left Photo: Junior Brandon Qin and sophomores Anna Paaske and Alyssa Kim smile in their formal clothes. Right Photo: Sophomores Sathvika Anand, Srikari Gudipalli and Prashanthi Rayapati smile in their dresses.

Left Photo: Senior Paul Han poses in his suit and tie. Right Photo: Juniors Michael Kao, Seiya Otani and Adam Katz smile while wearing matching formal clothes.

Thursday Aug. 26: Black and White Day

Left Photo: Chemistry teacher Jon Penner. Right Photo: (from left to right) Juniors Rhea Kamath, Anusha Fatehpuria, Abinaya Srikant and Vennela Chukka pose in their matching black and white outfits.

Freshmen Ashima Panikar and Aditi Chockalingam wear black and white tops, celebrating one of their first spirit days as Lynbrook students.

Rally Setup

On Thursday Aug. 24, students stayed at Lynbrook after school to create and set up decorations for the Welcome Back rally. From 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., they cut out posters, painted cardboard and blew balloons for their classes while listening to music, talking and laughing. Each class was assigned a theme corresponding to the overall theme of cartoons: freshmen were Avatar, sophomores were Scooby Doo, juniors were Sesame Street and seniors were Spongebob.

“As a senior, I know it is the last year for me to spend time with my whole class at events such as rallies,” said senior Diana Magnusson. “It was so fun to work with the people in my class to prepare for our final first rally.”

Friday Aug. 25: Rally

Students rushed out of their third period classrooms to attend the rally, wearing their class colors: baby blue for freshmen, white for sophomores, navy blue for juniors and red for seniors. When they walked into the gym, they were met with the sound of loud music, excited cheering and pounding drums. During the rally, classes played various competitive games, such as the potato sack race, where teams of students in each class raced each other across the gym, and the song game, where a song was played and each class needed to continue singing the song after the music stopped. The cheer team and the Valkyries, the dance team, performed rhythmic routines filled with energy. Senior Catherine Jin sang the alma mater as the crowd lit up the gym with their phones.

To conclude the rally, the ASB recognition commission presented prizes to VIP Vikings, who were nominated by class officers for major contributions in making the rally possible. The VIP Vikings were freshmen Heather Li and Amanda Song, sophomores Isha Madan and Ashley Song, juniors Varun Agarwal and Justine Chen and seniors Diana Magnusson and Raksha Narasimhan. ASB Recognition also presented the award of Most Spirited Staff Member to biology teacher Isaac Pallone, who enthusiastically dressed up for all of the week’s spirit days.

Spirit Week concluded with a balloon battle in the quad. Students and teachers raced each other in the quad with balloons tied to their ankles, attempting to pop the balloons of players on the other team.

Spirit Week and the first rally of the year allowed Lynbrook students to celebrate their unity and class pride, and gave freshmen a glimpse into the excitement that Lynbrook has to offer.

“My favorite part about this week was all the spirit in our class and how everyone came out to participate,” said freshman class president Michael Zhao. “I am so excited for the future rallies to come.”


Photos by Patricia Wei, Kelsey Lu, Sadhana Sarma, Risa Mori, Medha Upadhyay and Chloe Lee

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