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March 9, 2021


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From “Try Everything” to “Moments,” these are a few songs that have stayed with me throughout my life. 

Songs come and go, especially in this era of streaming, in which the ordinary listener can access a great quantity and variety of music easily. Once in a while, though, a song will stick, as a personal significance attaches to it, the two becoming so intertwined that they are impossible to separate. Maybe the song is the heart of a treasured memory we like to revisit, maybe the lyrics resonated deeply with us during a period of our lives or maybe a particular quality of the song is unforgettable. From “Try Everything” to “Moments,” these are a few songs that have stayed with me for all the above reasons. 


“Moments” by Hollow Coves

This is one of my favorite songs and one I have been listening to a lot throughout quarantine. It is a good reminder during any time — whether it is a busy, chaotic day or when I am mindlessly surfing the Internet or binging a show — to do something meaningful and take a moment to soak in the present and tune into my surroundings. The lyrics are soothing and sung mostly in a soft and relaxed but full voice — definitely a good song to keep me grounded. 


“Over the Rainbow” rendition by Israel Kamikawiwo’ole

This song and “You are My Sunshine” are two songs I remember listening to frequently when I was little. My parents have always liked slow-tempo, emotional ballads, which I grew up hearing around the house. Although this song sounds more intimate, I think it is emotionally powerful. It is a great dose of positivity for the day, and I love the simple but stylistic, breathy vocals. Especially in this sweet and lively rendition, the song brims with pure joy and optimism, a wonderful feeling that I associate with being carefree as a child and enjoying this song with my family. 


“Try Everything” from the movie “Zootopia” and sung by Shakira

Well, this would not be an accurate life playlist without a song from a Disney movie. A few years ago, my brother and I decided to buy the movie “Zootopia” while browsing Target during holiday break. Somehow, it is now the movie that we make sure to watch at least once a year, competing to see who can remember the most details about the plotline. “Try Everything” is the main song in the movie, and, although the lyrics are a little cheesy, the song, like the movie, is still inspiring and uplifting. Its main message applies to all ages: to be undaunted by and get up from failure, and to always keep trying. 

It is nice to use the songs I listen to to evaluate how I have grown over the years. Compared to my younger self, I now listen to songs with a greater mix of styles and messages. There are a lot of life experiences I am yet to have, and I look forward to discovering and connecting with many more new songs in the future. Thanks for listening!

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