Subtle Asian Traits is meant to be a platform for discussion, but among its other intentions of also being a platform for memes and shared experiences and its large member base, initially-healthy political debates can often spiral out of control and the vulnerability necessary to explore sensitive topics can be hard to find in the main group. These following groups all aim to create a smaller, relatively tight-knit community to talk about the issues that affect the world through the lens of the Asian diaspora, creating a unique opportunity for community and cultural understanding that is difficult to find elsewhere. 

  • Subtle Asian Mental Health: Subtle Asian Mental Health hopes to be a safe, inclusive space for Asians and Asian diaspora to discuss mental health. The group’s goals are best stated in its description: “We want Asians to realize they are not alone in their struggles and experiences and that there are others who are here to provide support.” In this group, topics such as intergenerational trauma and cultural issues are not taboo, but are even encouraged to be brought to light. Subtle Asian Mental Health has even established listening sessions for members to seek private and confidential talk sessions with listeners trained by the group, as well as an “Ask a Therapist” livestream. 
  • Sustainable Asian Traits: Sustainable Asian Traits is a place for any Asians hoping to live a more eco-conscious life, and features anything from updates about environmental issues to more sustainable replacements for conventional products.
  • Not-so-subtle asians → Not-so-subtle Asians doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics. The group at its core aims to promote discussion of Asian diaspora issues, and is unafraid to condemn racist remarks commented in Subtle Asian Traits and begin thoughtful debate on current Asian issues.

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