Let’s face it: sometimes, Subtle Asian Traits can’t produce enough content to represent every Asian’s interest on the daily. But don’t fear: there’s plenty of groups where you can network with people who share your hobbies. From a group of Asian pet-owners to groups about Asian food and recipes, there’s a never-ending list of interest-based groups which will cater to your every desire.

  • Subtle Asian Eats and Subtle Asian Cooking: Food lovers, this is your time to shine. Featuring anything from Vietnamese Bánh mì to Chinese niu rou mian, these two groups both dedicate spaces to appreciate food by and from all Asian cultures. There is a distinction, however: Subtle Asian Eats appreciates pictures of both home-cooked and restaurant-made Asian food, while Subtle Asian Cooking is meant to share recipes for and experiences with cooking Asian food. 
  • subtle asian makeup/beauty squad: Maybe you’re struggling with an eyeshadow look that suits a monolid, or maybe you’re just looking for more Asian representation in beauty —  either way, subtle asian makeup/beauty squad is here to fill your makeup and beauty needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned beauty guru, this space is full of supportive members to hype up the looks you share, give recommendations for beauty products suited to Asian-specific beauty needs such as skin tone and provide help if you’re seeking to improve.
  • Subtle Asian Pets: Let’s face it: cute animal pictures dominate the internet. This group is no different. Inspired by a “show me your dog pictures” post on Subtle Asian Traits, this space is literally just a group for cute pet pictures. The group has plenty of dog content, but also features anything from cows to snails, and even pandas!
  • subtle asian fitness → At first glance, the group seems like a space only for fitness geeks and intense bodybuilders, but upon joining, it’s apparent that isn’t the case. Subtle Asian Fitness’s description states that it is “Open to anyone interested in bettering their life through health and fitness,” aiming to be a supportive community for its members. The group strives to be as free as possible from the toxicity of today’s culture surrounding fitness and body image culture, making it an open space for first-time gym attendees and dedicated athletes alike.
  • Subtle Asian Networking → Subtle Asian Networking is, as the name suggests, a safe space for Asians to casually network with each other. Anything relating to networking and professional development is valid topics for posts in this group, and it isn’t uncommon to see job postings listed or career-related questions asked. The group even hosts a mentoring program which has at least 600 pairs to date.

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