Subtle Asian Traits covers exactly what the name entails —  Asian experiences. However, understandably, the main group may not be able to adequately cover every Asian’s experiences. If you’re looking to find memes for a specific ethnic group or a support system of people who will more closely understand your experiences, feel free to join an identity-based spinoff groups.

  • Subtle Curry Traits: This group serves the same purpose as Subtle Asian Traits, except it has content specifically geared toward and depicting South Asian experiences through anything from memes to simply posts about one’s experiences with South Asian culture.
  • Subtle Viet Traits, Subtle Korean Traits, Subtle Malaysian Traits and Subtle Filipino traits: These groups are similar to Subtle Curry Traits in that they all represent different ethnic groups’ experiences, but are comparatively much smaller in terms of member base.
  • Subtle Cantonese Traits: Rather than representing an entire ethnic group, this group represents the Cantonese dialect through Cantonese puns, memes and pictograms, while also poking fun at Cantonese-related pop culture, such as Hong Kong dramas.
  • Subtle Asian Women: The group is exactly what it sounds like: safe space for Asian women. Subtle Asian Women is a tight-knit group where members can share relatable memes, bond with each other and even ask for advice. The group prioritizes privacy and inclusivity, and the moderators do their best to minimize spam and backlash, making this a welcoming environment for all women who join.
  • Subtle Asians – bae area → If you’re looking for Bay Area buddies to go for boba runs or Korean barbecue lunches with, or if you’re just looking for a study partner or even a new friend, Subtle Asians – bae area is the group for you. The group is a space for Bay Area Asians to bond; the group even hosts occasional meetups or and multiple group chats featuring several interests, from biking lovers to Latin Dance enthusiasts. The warm and responsive membership helps to make this a great place to find community and friendship.

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