A guide to Subtle Asian Traits spinoffs

With its meteoric rise, Subtle Asian Traits has easily become the one of largest online Asian communities in the world, amassing 1.7 million members since its creation in September 2018. Subtle Asian Traits’ humble beginnings as a Facebook group founded by nine high school seniors in Australia to serve as a place to celebrate the shared experiences of first- and second-generation Asian immigrants. Since then, it has blossomed into a colorful community of sharing Asian memes and a platform for discussing Asian and Asian diaspora issues. The group’s success has inspired several spinoff groups, catering both to Asian ethnic groups and an Asian-only space for certain interests. The following list of 16 Subtle Asian groups is definitely only a small portion of the plethora of spinoffs, so whether you’re looking for a space to share your love of dancing or Subtle Asian Traits just isn’t putting out enough Cantonese memes for you, there’s sure to be a Subtle Asian-inspired group for you. 


Nicole Ong, Editors-in-Chief

Subtle Asian Traits covers exactly what the name entails —  Asian experiences. However, understandably, the main group may not be able to adequately cover every Asian’s experiences. If you’re looking to find memes for a specific ethnic group or a support system of people who will more closely understand your experiences, feel free to join an identity-based spinoff groups. Subtle Cur...


Nicole Ong, Editors-in-Chief

Let’s face it: sometimes, Subtle Asian Traits can’t produce enough content to represent every Asian’s interest on the daily. But don’t fear: there’s plenty of groups where you can network with people who share your hobbies. From a group of Asian pet-owners to groups about Asian food and recipes, there’s a never-ending list of interest-based groups which will cater to your every desire. ...


Nicole Ong, Editors-in-Chief

Subtle Asian Traits is meant to be a platform for discussion, but among its other intentions of also being a platform for memes and shared experiences and its large member base, initially-healthy political debates can often spiral out of control and the vulnerability necessary to explore sensitive topics can be hard to find in the main group. These following groups all aim to create a smaller, relati...

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