Let It Snow

A recent addition to Netflix’s Christmas-themed rom-coms, “Let It Snow” stands apart from the bland and predictable holiday releases expected during this time of year. Complete with the quintessential mistletoe romance and winter wonderland setting, the movie’s unique plotline is the perfect mix of charming and unconventional, making it a must-watch this holiday season. 

Told through three interconnected love stories, “Let It Snow” follows a group of high school students who are brought together by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. At first glance, “Let It Snow” seems like every other cookie-cutter Christmas movie with a syrupy sweet plot and classic happy ending. However, its underlying complexity makes the story far more compelling than expected. At its core, the movie examines what it’s like to be a teenager in the modern day, capturing relatable emotions and vulnerabilities. Topics ranging from anxiety about college to navigating the world as an LGBTQ person are all major themes that shed light on challenges teens face as they transition into adulthood. 

Beyond the movie’s thoughtful commentary on adolescence, the director’s warm cinematic approach greatly adds to the visual appeal. The whimsical, almost ethereal, setting balances the unorthodox content by reinforcing the feel-good holiday atmosphere. There were, however, very few location changes and I almost wish the director had not taken the title “Let It Snow” so literally when deciding to shoot a good number of the scenes in bland, snow-covered areas. 

The stellar performance by the “Let It Snow” cast is another feature that sets the movie apart from traditional Hallmark holiday classics. Mitchell Hope’s performance as Tobin was particularly memorable, as he captures teenage awkwardness while still maintaining his charm. It was also interesting to see his development as an actor, as his portrayal of Tobin stands in stark contrast to the popular jock persona in Disney’s “Descendants” which he is known for. Isabella Merced as Julie Reyes was another standout; her witty humor combined with her slight annoyance  toward the world made her character a breath of fresh air amid the movie’s abundance of cheesy lines. I was slightly disappointed, however, that Jacob Batalon has seemingly been typecast as the “funny sidekick.” While his role in the “Spider-Man” franchise as the humorous best friend was hilarious, his portrayal of Keon is very similar and is almost downplayed in comparison to the rest of the cast. This isn’t to say that he is a bad actor — on the contrary, he actually executes the role very well — but his character seems like an afterthought for the directors. 

While by no means perfect, “Let It Snow” is a mostly enjoyable watch. Though familiar in its somewhat predictable plot, its relatable storyline and memorable characters make it a top pick for movies to watch this holiday season.


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