My short-lived TikTok career

I never thought I would go viral on TikTok, and I didn’t. But in my attempts, I made funny videos and dancing videos, and I followed popular trends on the app. I would’ve made it too, if not for the millions of other users making the same videos as me!

I started my account with some videos of my volleyball team and TikTok dances. After those only got a few likes, I tried to create more comedic content. I also started to look to the “For You” page for inspiration, and found that the most successful videos were parts of series. The creator would gain followers by using cliffhangers and forcing audiences to wait for the next installment of their content. A popular series is captioned “day one of making them fall in love with me.” 

I put my own twist on it, filming short clips of my best friend and tagging them “day one of making you fall in love with her.” My series only got three likes, fewer than my volleyball videos and dance videos did, so I stopped after a few days. 

I invested at least half an hour into each video to get it exactly right, which took away from my daily life. Instead of going running or eating dinner with my family, I was often in my room filming. TikTok was also my only topic of conversation over the three weeks of this challenge, and I was constantly asking others for ideas or opinions. In return, however, I didn’t get much attention for my videos. I think this challenge was a fun thing to do, but being a full-time TikToker would definitely be difficult!

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