Epic staff tries to become TikTock famous.

Kaylin Li

Epic staff tries to become TikTock famous.

Epic staffers try to go viral on TikTok

Entering the world of TikTok

Kavya Iyer, Content Editor

When I first started this challenge, I was just in it for the fun and games; I had fairly low hopes of anything I made going viral. I thought that in order to become TikTok famous, I needed a specific blend of personality traits and a certain type of content, which I did not have. Most of the successful people I saw on Tiktok were nothing like me, and although they seemed to create videos that many peop...

How to (not) go viral on TikTok

Ron Aich, Opinion Editor

After I decided to take part in this challenge, I thought about what type of content I wanted to create.  I wasn’t sure where I fit in among the sea of comedians, athletes and infamous “e-boys” that the majority of TikTok’s user base consists of.  To get an idea of what it takes to be TikTok famous, I asked my friends what they thought I needed to do. Many suggested dancing. T...

My short-lived TikTok career

I never thought I would go viral on TikTok, and I didn’t. But in my attempts, I made funny videos and dancing videos, and I followed popular trends on the app. I would’ve made it too, if not for the millions of other users making the same videos as me! I started my account with some videos of my volleyball team and TikTok dances. After those only got a few likes, I tried to create more comed...

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