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Lynbrook alumni Luca Signore now teacher PE, World History and US History

Meet new history teacher and cross country coach, Luca Signore!

Lynbrook alumnus Luca Signore’s passion for teaching was sparked during his high school years. Nine years later, Signore has returned to Lynbrook as a history teacher as well as the cross country and track coach.

“Lynbrook is a little bit different than I remember it,” Signore said. “The new stadium is really cool to see as we use it a lot in cross country and track and field. It is also nice to see that the campus is still, for the most part, the same; it feels like home for me. I’m happy to come back to a place that feels so familiar.”

Signore attended Santa Clara University where he received bachelor’s degrees in History and Italian and received a master’s degree in teaching. Before coming to Lynbrook, he worked at Fremont High School. 

“History and English were my two favorite subjects when I was at Lynbrook,” Signore said. “I had some really good teachers, and they not only made me love those subjects, but learning as a whole; they made me feel like I was smart, even if I wasn’t good at math and science. I thought it was cool how they were able to do that for me, and I wanted to do the same for someone else.” 

He looks forward to the cross country and track seasons. His passion for running contributed to his decision to coach the cross country team.

“I’ve always enjoyed coaching, and we have a really good team this year,” Signore said. “We also have a lot of cool athletes who are fun to work with; I’m looking forward to working with them and building those relationships and skills over time. I hope that we can become a stronger team.”

When he isn’t on campus, Signore enjoys hiking, backpacking, woodworking and fishing.

“The biggest message I’ll give to students is to live in the present,” Signore said. “Stop and smell the roses. Some people really like or hate high school, but either way, it’s a unique time in your life, and you won’t get to do it again. So, enjoy it for what it is: spend time with your friends and enjoy learning from your teachers. And then, you can go onto the next stage of life. Don’t try to rush through this one.”

Through his history classes, Signore hopes to explain and teach the connections between the modern day and the past. He also looks forward to collaborating with fellow teachers, creating new lessons and units and improving as a teacher.

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