¡Hola Lynbrook! Meet Viky Morales, the new Spanish teacher!

A new face around the 100 wing and world language department this year is Viky Morales, a new Spanish teacher. Morales has been teaching Spanish for 11 years; she taught at Homestead High School for six years before transferring to Lynbrook. 

Morales studied Political Science and Spanish Literature at University of California, Berkeley. After studying abroad in Spain, Morales realized her interest in diverse cultures, so she decided that she wanted to teach Spanish.

“Studying abroad was really an amazing experience,” Morales said. “In fact, it was so amazing that I did it twice. I would definitely recommend it as you won’t find any other experience like it!”

So far, Morales’s experience at Lynbrook has been enjoyable, and she is looking forward to getting settled in with the school, campus and culture. She is excited for the 2019-2020 school year and has high expectations for her students’ creativity, humor and imagination.

“Working at Lynbrook is like a dream come true,” Morales said. “I have always heard good things about Lynbrook and applied to transfer here a few years back. I was so happy when there was a position open this year and I just love the balanced environment. [Lynbrook] is a place where we can take learning seriously but also share a laugh along the way.”

In the process of teaching students about the Spanish-speaking world, Morales aims to help her students acquire a better understanding of the world’s diverse culture. She believes the analytical skills her students acquire by learning a foreign language will help them hone in on their interpersonal skills and prepare them to better communicate in the real world.

“Learning a language not only pushes students to think about the culture of other people but also causes them to really think about their own culture,” Morales said. “I love seeing students have that opportunity because they learn a lot about themselves.”

In her free time, Morales likes to relax and read books. She feels that it is very important to read and be well-informed about global and community issues. 

As a teacher, Morales hopes to be accessible and approachable to all her students. In the next five years, Morales hopes to continue teaching at Lynbrook and help more students build stronger connections to the real world.

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