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Dear Elizabeth . . .

Hello! I’m in eighth grade right now, but you already graduated high school. You’re off to college! I’m thinking somewhere still in Calif., and definitely in the U.S. 

Williams is in a rural corner of Massachusetts. Maybe it will clear my head and help me focus. Or it will be one isolated delusional bubble — the latter isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Do you still want to be a teacher? I hope so. Maybe you’re off to college to study something arts or language related. I hope you have found your true passion through high school. 

I like how you hide your fear of delving into the humanities. It might be due to our poor experience with Lynbrook admin or the exam-oriented nature of high school, but I don’t think teaching is the dream anymore. Curb your buzzwords for a moment — we know what we like to do, but it’s not quite clear how it translates into work. 

I wish that you’re happy and have friends to support you along the way. Not necessarily a group, just people that will be there for you. 

Wish granted. Zoom calls late at night, walks in the park during tutorial, exchanging music tastes on drives around the oh-so-fascinating suburbs. There will be too many flowers to carry on senior night, secrets that can only be shared during karaoke and neighbors disturbed from the booming bass coming from inside our car.

I want you to be satisfied with your life and your body, ok? You are beautiful! You already know that, but it’s just a reminder.

I also like the positivity complex. Thanks for the reminder; we’re still strong and getting stronger.

How are sports? Still playing basketball, I hope. Have you picked up any new sports along the way? Don’t be afraid to try anything new!

We will learn that those “never give up” maxims cannot be taken without context. There’s no reason to kill yourself over perseverance. It takes a lot of courage to quit — quitting means changing, and change is okay.

You’ve become more confident, I hope, more outspoken, willing to lead. Not afraid to speak your mind and do what you truly want to do. I know you’re doing well. Good luck on the next chapter!

My confidence has fluctuated throughout high school; at the end of the day, I’m just trying to live and have a good time. I have learned to indulge in uncertainty and boredom as a form of hope and opportunity. After applying to college, I have learned how to prioritize my life even when it feels like I have none. I’m no longer afraid of working hard, just to fall after. I do things even if they make me a little uncomfortable (this column included!). I apologize—not I, but we. We enjoy going knee-deep, knowing that no matter what, at the end of four years, we tried all that we could. We did our best.




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