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Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran

From playing badminton to advising the new group of freshmen at Lynbrook, Kevin Tran takes on many roles as he joins Lynbrook staff as a Physical Education teacher this year, teaching freshmen P.E. and racquet sports for sophomores through seniors. 

Encouraged by his previous P.E. head coach at Pioneer High School, Tran applied for a substitute teaching permit, marking the start of his teaching career. Over the next few years, he worked as a substitute at Santa Clara High School, Willcox High School and various local middle schools. Tran has always enjoyed working with students, and after hearing about the positive environment at Lynbrook from his cousin, who is an alumni, he became interested in experiencing the culture here himself. 

At Lynbrook, Tran looks forward to working with other P.E. teachers to improve students’ P.E. experience and understanding more about the Lynbrook community. He hopes to find a balance in giving students more support so that everyone, whether they are athletic or non-athletic, can enjoy his class and perform well. Within the first month of school, Tran has found Lynbrook students to be hardworking and more grade-oriented compared to schools he has worked with in the past.

Despite the academic pressure at Lynbrook, Tran maintains an optimistic outlook as he admires the students’ positive energy and strong mindsets. 

“I’m happy to see that the students here do their best, even when it’s P.E.,” Tran said. “They will focus and do what they need to do, but they still show that they’re enjoying the class in their own ways.”

Besides teaching P.E., Tran takes on two additional roles: the adviser of the Model United Nations club and co-adviser of the Class of 2026, forming connections with students outside of class. He is interested in seeing how Lynbrook students approach the idea of college life as they look into the future beyond their high school years.

“I want students to understand even though I’m their P.E. teacher, I still care about their educational path, not just in class, but overall,” Tran said.

Outside of school, Tran continues his athletic interests by playing badminton and sometimes fishing. He views fishing as a way to relax and counterbalance his various activities throughout the week. Recently, Tran worked on expanding his culinary skills, inspired by his family members’ ties with the food industry.

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