Larry Wenner

Larry Wenner

Larry Wenner’s interest in drama started far before he came on to Lynbrook’s campus as a drama teacher. Wenner has been interested in drama since childhood. He has always been the dramatic kid, performing in puppet shows during Christmas and participating in his school plays. As Wenner grew older, his love for drama grew alongside him. 

Having started off by teaching drama at Enterprise High School, Wenner had to be certified in not only drama, but in English as well. He taught English as a long term substitute at Cupertino High School for two years before joining Lynbrook this year as a drama teacher. He wanted to stay in the district, and since there wasn’t an opening in the English department, he decided to teach drama at Lynbrook.

Teaching drama again after two years as an English teacher, Wenner has recognized significant differences between the two subjects. 

“Drama classes are a lot different than English classes,” Wenner said. “Students in drama classes let their hair down more.”

Wenner has noticed that a lot of students are under the impression that only outspoken students are suited for drama. 

“Shy students were able to benefit from the drama program, which influenced their personalities, making them more outgoing,” Wenner said. “It was as if they found out who they truly were through the program.”

During COVID-19, the drama program was largely impacted due to the lack of in-person rehearsals and shows. Wenner looks to revamp the drama program this year by building comradeship.

“I want to establish a sense of community and a pride in knowing that it takes discipline to create art,” Wenner said.

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