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Turmeric honey mask

This is the first mask that comes to mind when mentioning homemade masks. Unlike with the other masks, I actually have friends and classmates who swear by this for their pristine skin. Turmeric contains antioxidants that protect skin cells and can restore the natural glow and uneven skin tone of your face. Additionally, this golden spice is very effective against redness and acne. Honey’s benefits do not need to be further explained. All face mask recipes always ask for raw honey, which means less processed and slightly cloudy honey mostly fresh from the hives. If you can obtain local honey, even better! Local honey is typically made from flowers and bees in your neighborhood that you come into contact with often and can fend against allergies. 

Recipe and Instructions:

  1. Wash and clean your face with soap or a cleanser. 
  2. Combine 1 tablespoon of raw honey with 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric powder.
  3. Apply mixture to face and allow to rest for 15 minutes. 
  4. Rinse off with warm water. 

Creation Process:

Mixing the two ingredients together was pretty self-explanatory and simple. As it is a mixture consisting mainly of honey, the texture fell on the rubbery side when spreading on my face. I did not like how it stuck bits of hair to my face and even touched my eyelashes slightly. Fortunately, washing it off with warm water easily dissolved the honey and cleaned everything it had touched. 


My face felt especially smooth after this mask. The grains of turmeric within the honey seem to serve as an exfoliant, scrubbing off the dead skin from my face. Like my friends and online recipes have mentioned, turmeric dyes the skin yellow. Luckily, I easily removed the yellowness with a diluted milk solution rinse as suggested by the internet. Additionally, my face radiated warmth for a period of time afterward, but it felt comfortable.

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