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Cucumber probiotic mask

I’ve seen pictures of people reclining with cucumbers over their eyes all over the internet, but never attempted it myself. This mask may just emulate that practice. Cucumbers reduce swelling and puffiness as well as soothing irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Similar to avocados, cucumbers also provide a lot of moisture and hydration, as they consist of 96% water. The other major component of the mask is yogurt, which is rich in zinc and helps prevent acne breakouts. The recipe also mentions adding a probiotic pill, which research suggests helps feed the healthy bacteria of the face to balance the skin’s pH. I also used a recipe from “Marie Claire,” but had to modify the instructions slightly after a slight altercation the first time I tried the mask. In the following section, I attempted the mask twice. 

MY Recipe and instructions:

  1. Wash and clean your face with soap or a cleanser. 
  2. Chop half a small persian cucumber finely and combine with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 probiotic pill. 
  3. Apply mixture to face and allow to rest for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse off with water. 

Creation Process

The first time I tried this mask, I put half a LARGE cucumber in the blender. The original recipe said to “puree” a cucumber, and I did. However, all I got was cucumber juice that wouldn’t become solid or pasty no matter how much yogurt (or even corn starch) I added to it. I suppose the 96% water concentration in cucumbers is true.  In the end, I “washed” my face with the cucumber juice and applied another cucumber mask that actually remained on afterward. 

Luckily, the second time around proceeded much more smoothly and felt cool and refreshing on my face. As time passed, the heat of my face seemed to melt the yogurt and the little cucumber slices started to slide down. When I finally washed the concoction off, it was a hot mess. 


I did not enjoy this mask. While it did succeed, I did not like the smell of yogurt as it grew warm or the amount of effort I put in to chop the cucumber finely. I might consider just putting cucumber on my eyes some day, but I do not think I would like to try this mask again. On the other hand, others might enjoy the cold and wet texture of the cucumber and yogurt, but I personally do not.

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